“Criticism” by The Happy Book.

This is a great post made by “The Happy Book” (link below) that I found I could use in my everyday life. I am not good at handling criticism, depending on how I am being criticised. In school coming from coaches and being in a respectful but helpful way, I was alright with it. When someone is being disrespectful when criticizing, I don’t take it too well, like teachers for example. I wouldn’t do good in the military, let’s put it that way. In this post down below, they explain how to handle it in a better way and really puts a perspective on criticism.

I recommend checking it out!

“Firstly the question is what is criticism the exact meaning of criticism is the practice of judging the merits and false of something – the judger is called critic. – to engage in criticism is to criticize. – one specific item of Criticism is called a criticism or critique. I have read this definition of […]

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