Weekly News Wednesday! Sport Edition. Late AF. 

This Wednesday I’ll be doing a Sport Edition since this past week football games have been lit!! 

First: “New York Jets” vs “Buffalo Bills” 

The Highlights

  • In the 1st quarter the Jets go up by 3 points from a 28yard field goal by N.Folk. 
  • Then the Bills come back with a 84yard pass to M. Goodwin which turns into a touchdown, the kick by D. Carpenter was good bringing the Bills up to 7 points
  • The last play by the Jets in the 1st quarter was a 29 yard field goal by N.Folk, the kick was good and brought the Jets up another +3
  • In the 2nd quarter the Jets get a comeback with M. Forte 1 yard run for a touchdown, the kick by N.Folk was good, adding +7 to the Jets score. 
  • Then again another +7 for the Jets after E.Decker had a 5 yard pass from R.Fitzpatrick, the kick was then good by N.Folk. 
  • Last play in the 2nd quarter brings the Bills up another +3 from a 39 yard field goal by D. Carpenter. 
  • In the 3rd quarter the Bills get a comeback touchdown adding +7 to their score by G. Salad after a 71 yard pass from T. Taylor. 
  • Then N. Robey-Coleman for the Bills gets a 36 yard fumble return, goes for the touchdown and the extra point kick is good, adding another +7 to their score. 
  • The Jets make a comeback touchdown from M. Forte and adding the extra point by N. Folk, adding another +7 to their score. 
  • In the 4th quarter the Jets add +3 to the scoreboard by a 36yard field goal by N.Folk. 
  • The Jets M. Forte gets a touchdown from a 12 yard run, and the kick is good by N. Folk adding another +7 to the scoreboard. 
  • The last play of the 4th quarter ends with the Bills adding another +7 to their score from a 18 yard pass to M. Gillislee, and the kick was good by D. Carpenter. 

OverAll Score: 

The Bills came in at 31 overall points while The Jets came in at 37 overall points! This was definitely a close game. 

  • Read more about this game and watch some awesome highlights Here

Next We Got: 

“The San Francisco 49ers” vs “The Carolina Panthers”. 

The Highlights: 

  • In the first quarter The 49ers go up by 3 points after a 29yard field goal from P. Dawson. 
  • Then the Panthers come back with a touchdown by S. Thompson on a fumble return, the extra point by G. Gano was good giving the Panthers +7 to the scoreboard. 
  • The 2nd quarter starts off with the 49ers T.Smith getting a 28yard pass and taking it for a touchdown, the kick by Dawson was good, giving them +7 to their points. 
  • Then the Panthers come back with a 78 yard pass to G.Olsen who ran it for a touchdown the extra point by Gano was good, giving them another +7 to their score. 
  • Before the end of the Second Quarter, Gano for the Panthers does a 39 yard field goal, adding another +3 to their score. 
  • In the 3rd quarter, the Panthers go up by +7 after a touchdown by K. Benjamin and the kick was good by Gano. 
  • The Panthers then get another touchdown from yet again K. Benjamin and the kick by Gano being good. Giving them another +7 to the scoreboard. 
  • In the 4th quarter the 49ers go up +3 after a 39 yard field goal by P.Dawson was made. 
  • B. Gabbert for the 49ers then gets a 1 yard run touchdown and the kick by Dawson was good. Giving the 49ers another +7 to their score. 
  • The Panthers then add another +3 to their score after a 31 yard field goal by Gano was made. 
  • The 49ers then make a 75yard pass too V. McDonald for a touchdown pass and the kick by Dawson was good, giving them another +7 to add to their score.   
  • The Panthers then go for a scoring streak adding +3 when Gano had a successful 49 yard field goal. Then D. Funchess gets a 16yard pass and takes it for a touchdown adding +6 to their score, the extra point kick was blocked. Gano then adds another +3 to the scoreboard when making a 41 yard field goal bringing the game to an end. 

Final Scores: 

The 49ers ended up having 27 overall points while The Panthers ended with having 46 overall points. My dislike for Fig Newton is so strong, this was a hard game to see and a hard game to write about! 

Then We Got: 

“The Washington Redskins” vs “The Dallas Cowboys”.


  • In the 1st quarter the Cowboys come blazing with two back to back scores, first they had a 22 yard field goal by D.Bailey, giving them +3. Then E.Elliott had a 1 yard run touchdown n the kick by Bailey was good giving them another +7 to the scoreboard.
  • In the 2nd quarter The Redskins then get a touchdown by M.Jones and the kick by D.Hopkins is good, giving the Redskins a +7. 
  •  Then the Cowboys add another +3 to their  score after a successful 31 had field goal by D. Bailey. 
  • The Redskins then add another +3 to their score before ending the second quarter when D. Hopkins had a successful 36 yard field goal. 
  • In the 3rd quarter the Redskins add +7 to their score when J.Crowder has a 11 yard pass from K.Cousins ending in a touchdown and the extra kick was good. 
  • The Cowboys then add another +7 when D. Prescott runs a 6yard touchdown and the kick by Bailey was good. 
  • The Redskins Then get two back to back field goals by D.Hopkins giving them +3 2x 
  • In the 4th quarter the Cowboys bring the game to an end with their +7 touchdown by A. Morris and the extra point by Bailey was good. 

The Final Scores: 

The Cowboys had an overall 27 points. With The Redskins having an overall 23 points. This was a close game and could have gone either way with all the Field Goal points. 

Next (won’t have a much info) 

“The Cincinnati Bengals” vs “The Pittsburg Steelers.”
Overall Points: Bengals 16. Steelers 24. 


“New Orleans Saints” vs “New York Giants”. 

Overall Points: Saints 13. Giants 16. 


“Miami Dolphins” vs “New England Patriots”.

Overall Points: Dolphins 24. Patriots 31. 

Next up

“Kansas City Cheifs” vs Houston Texans”. 

Overall Scores: 

Cheifs 12. Texans 19. 


Tennessee Titans” vs “Detroit Lions”. Overall Score: Titans 16. Lions 15. 


“Baltimore Ravens” vs “Cleveland Browns”.   Overall Points: Ravens 25. Browns 20. 


“Seattle Seahawks” vs “Los Angeles Rams”. Overall Scores: Seahawks 3. Rams 9. 

Next Up. 

“Tampa Bay Buccaneers” vs “Arizona Cardinals”.  Buccaneers: 7. Cardinals: 40. 


“Jacksonville Jaguars” vs “San Diego Chargers”final scores: Jaguars: 14. Chargers:38. 

Next up…. 

“Atlanta Falcons” vs “Oakland Raiders”Final Score: Falcons 35. Raiders 28. 

Drum roll please…

“Indianapolis Colts” vs “Denver Broncos”. This game was one hell of a game to watch!

Scoring Highlights: 

  • T. Simian was the top passer for The Denver Broncos on Sunday with 266 yards. I think we chose the right replacement for Peyton. 
  • C.Anderson was the top rusher for Denver on Sunday with 74 yards, and 1 touchdown. 
  • D.Thomas was the top receiver for Denver on Sunday with 90 yards. 


Denver: 34. Colts: 20. 


“Green Bay Packers” Vs “Minnesota Vikings”. Anytime The Packers are playing (as long as it’s not against Denver) I’m rooting for them! Green Bay is my brother in laws favorite team, Go Pack Go, when not playing Denver. This game was upsetting to watch. 
The Final Score: Packers 14. Vikings 17. 

And then Monday night….

“Philadelphia Eagles” vs “Chicago Bears”. Final Scores: Eagles 29. Bears 14. 

So here are we starting off Week 3 with Denver 2-0 baby! Sadly the Bronco game won’t be playing in my area so I’ll be watching whatever game is and watching the highlights! You goin down Bengals! 

Some good Football news: my work invited me to be apart of their thing they do in the office. Everyone throws in $5 every week, predict who will win each game that week and then the tie breaker is the sum total of MNF game! I was super excited they asked me to be apart of it. 

I was too late to participate in week 3 since the patriots game was last night, Brock Osweiler, sit down. 

Who are you rooting for Week 3?! Again sorry this post is soooooo late. I started off doing too much for each game.