Hogwarts House Cup!

Definitely worth a read if you’re a Potter fan:)

The Writing Hufflepuff

Okay so this announcement has been due for a while now, but it turned out I did have/still have a concussion so YAY. I had to rest a lot and stay away from laptops/phones as much as possible, but ay it’s finally here! Anyway, while we were planning this, we found out there was something similar going on hosted by A Very Awkward Blog, so sorry for the confusion! It started out as a readathon and then became a bigger event.

So what is the Hogwarts House Cup?

It still is a readathon at the core, just with loads of non-reading challenges added. You’ll join your own House and the amount of pages you’ll read during the readathon is the amount of House Points you collect for your House. So if you read two 500-pages books, you’ll earn 1000 points for your House. The House with the most Points…

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