Pottermore and Buying:) 

Ah I’ve finally bought myself a little something since I’m getting paid weekly and we had a little extra to throw around after paying bills. I bought myself just two things and where really cheap:) 

The first thing I got! A new phone case, much needed. Guess how much, $1 USD:) 

Next up, 20 new nose rings. A whole pack of twenty of them, different colors. Much needed buy, I always loose my nose rings, always. Guess how much $1 USD! 

Overall with shipping I spent a total of $4! $2 on the items, $2 on shipping, a steal! 

Pottermore news, I got my email from Pottermore telling me to go check out my patronus!  I learned that my Patronus is a Sparrow. 

I went back to my profile to show it off a little: Patronus: Sparrow. My Hogwarts House: Slytherin. My Ilvermorny House: Wampus. My wand: Alder Wand. 

Do you use Pottermore? If so, do we have any common houses, wand, etc. If you’re not a Potter fan, sorryyyy lol. 

What do ya think of the new phone case?! I’m super excited to see what it looks like in person:) Joplin says go back to bed mommy!