Spiritual Saturday’s.

Spiritual doesn’t always mean “religion” it can also be a belief in something. img_4801

This Spiritual Saturday I’m going to talk about Raelism, which teaches that the God of The Bible is not a supernatural being that created the universe, but an alien civilization that created life on earth and communicated to some people on Earth, among them Moses, Buddha, Jesus and the religion’s founder Claude Vorilhon.

About Raelism: 

Can also be known as Raelianism or the Raelian Movement. It is a UFO religion that was founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon, now known as Rael.

The Raelian Movement teaches that life on Earth was scientifically created by a species of extraterrestrials, which they believe are called Elohim. It’s believed that members of Elohim “appeared human” when having personal contacts with descendants of the humans that they made. Raelians believe that the Elohim race purposefully misinformed early humanity that they were angels, cherubim, or Gods. The Raelians believed that messengers or prophets, of the Elohim, included Buddha, Jesus, and others who were to inform humans of each era. The last received final message from the Elohim was to inform the world about Elohim, and that if the humans become aware and peaceful enough, they wish to be welcomed by them.

What Raelisms Believe: 

  • Who are not monotheists, believe the correct historical meaning of the word Elohim is the plural sense, “those who came from the sky”.
  • Plays a central part in Clonaid’s claim of offering cloning services for homosexual and infertile couples who want a child cloned from a partner’s DNA.
  • Belief that mind transfer couple with human cloning can implant mind and personality into a new and disease free body.
  • Accepting of homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, naturism and any legal safe and consensual adult activity is promoted as part of a healthy and long life.

    Human Cloning and Raelism: 

Raelians seek to both genetically close individuals, rapidly accelerate the growth of the clone to adulthood through a process like guided self-assembly of rapidly expanded cells or even nanotechnology, and then transferring the mind and personality of the donor into said close. Raelians believe that humanity can attain eternal life through the science of cloning.

“Banning the development of human cloning was comparable to outlawing medical advances such as antibiotics, blood transfusions, and vaccines”. -Claud Vorilhon.

LGBTQ Issues and Raelism: 

The Raelian defends the rights and freedoms of gays and lesbians. They recognize gay marriage and ordains gay clergy. Raelian leaders have even  performed licensed same-sex marriages.

Structure of the Universe: 

This is a lot of information that I’m not even going to try and rewrite in my own words because I don’t want to miss anything. This is a direct quote and will leave all the links at the end of this post!

“Raelian cosmology as proposed in 1973 by Rael states that the observable universe has no creator and is infitie in time and finite in size and surrounded by infinite space.” In Raelian comoslogy, our observerable universe is an “atom” of a much larger levvel of matter (and possibly organism) and subatomic particles in our bodies laso possess universes lke our own, but on a much smaller scale. This pattern, atom within univrse within atom, is believed to be infinitley reptitive, from the infinitely small, to the infinitely large. The Raelian Messages by Rael state that humanoid extraterrestrials, who were orginally called under the name Elohim, verified this comology scientifically.

Because of the difference of mass, the activty of life inside in a living thing’s atom would undergo many millennia before enough time passes for that living thing to take single step. Raelians believe the univer is infite in time and psace and lacks a center. Because of this, one could not imagine where an etherreal sould would go.

The Raelian cosmology is meditated uplon during the fourth acitvity in the rite of Senusal Meditiation. “

Links For You To Check Out And Read More About This Religion “Belief” 

I hope  you enjoy this post. let me know if you know anything about this religion, and what you think of this. Please keep any ignorant comments about this religion to yourself, if you need to ask questions please comment with curiosity, not judgment.