F*ck A Today. 

Well it’s 8AM and this day has already gone to SHIT, pure evil SHIT. 
Let me start off by saying, Nikki and I are hella sick. Nikki is a lot sicker than me, sore throat, runny eyes n nose, sore ears, the whole 9. 

Okay, so Nikki gets up at 6, does her morning routine, comes in and kisses me goodbye by 7:20AM. About 7:30AM I hear banging on my front door, of course I’m not going to the door, I’m going to every window looking out to see who’s car is here. 

No car, not one. Then I hear “baby, please open the door, I’m fucked!” I ran to the door to find Nikki in full uniform, books in her hand, car keys in her hand, and just sick as hell looking. “Babe your car is sitting in downtown you have a bad flat, I had to walk home (we live on a huge freakin hill), I’m going to be fired!”. So of course this led to both of us freakin out calling our parents, my mom is North Carolina for the week, my dad….not reliable, Nikkis mom already at the office, so it was Nikkis pap to the rescue. 

She will be 20-25 minutes late, I swear she better not get fired. The woman that runs her program called back and said “you good Nichole, we good”! This helped the situation a little bit, but now how am I getting her from work at 4:30? How is she gonna get to and from all week? I just put gas in that damn thing! Where is my car currently while everything I own is inside and it’s unlocked and unsupervised? 

Oh lort give us strength someone. 

Currently I’m trying to find someone to come help me get to my car, get it towed and a new tire on. Thank God for moms, emergency credit card will be used today for a new tire and probably a f*ckin pack of cigs because this pack bout to gone in like 20 minutes. I can’t deal with shit when I’m sick, my head is killing me with voices today, and all this shit?! I just feel awful for Nikki, she’s so sick n had to walk so far with her wet head, runny nose and fever. 

Omg if this house phone rings one more time, I can not deal today just no. Today ain’t the day, I’m not the one, but I gotta be there to get Nikki. She’s lucky I love her as much as I do because I really don’t wanna deal with all these AAA people and the towing people and my father. 

Really starting to believe I was a P.O.S in my past life cause I got some good karma, but you wouldn’t ever kno!!! 

Ahhhh let today get better, please! 

Fuc* a Today, seriously. 




  1. annebella & kate · September 27, 2016

    Oh man, I’m sorry y’all were both sick- I hope you are better now and figured out to do with your car 😦 That just sucks!

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  2. Aunt Tabbi · September 26, 2016

    I’m so sorry for your terrible day. Hope things get better. And that you two get well soon.

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  3. Tikeetha T · September 26, 2016

    Aww, it will get better. Is Uber in your location? I would say Uber it and call Triple A or your insurance to get it fixed. Things seem a million times worse when we’re sick.

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · September 26, 2016

      No:( tiny ass town in MD, we ain’t even got a Popeyes, which I fell in love with and can never get. Nikki and I have to drive at least an hour to go to an Olive Garden, anything good. Our town offers nothing besides bars, churches, methadone clinics, and prisons, lol. But my dad got it fixed, had a nail pretty deep in the tire!

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      • Tikeetha T · September 26, 2016

        LOL, thanks for Dads! No real good restaurants? Sigh. But, I bet you traded all that for wonderful views, scenic life and less traffic.

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        • yourenotaloneinthisworld · September 26, 2016

          Never look at it that way but that’s very true. Hardly any concrete mainly woods and mountains. Never any traffic and the 2-3 min traffic I get in, I’m flipping out. When we go to Baltimore or down near Laurel we’re like holy shit!!

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        • Tikeetha T · September 27, 2016

          LMAO. See you traded the hustle an bustle for quiet. I understand.

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