I’m just shaking my head at today. I just figured out that I missed Once Upon A Time Season 6 Premiere last night! I seriously had this shit on my calendar since the release date came out a few months back!  Looks I’ll be watching episode one on my phone since ABC watch isn’t available on Xbox one yet:/ Ahhhh look there, Episode 1 of Season 6 is on the app! Super excited to get this show started…once I get my car towed:/ 

Update: my dad is coming to get me, he’s leaving Winchester now, it’ll take him an hour 1/2- 2 hours. Nikkis mom is giving us her car until Wednesday so I can get a new tire by then and still be able to get Nikki too and from work. 

Did you happen to catch Season 6 premier last night?! Please tell me Zelena and Regina team up!!! Zelena is hands down my favorite, then Hook. Robin was becoming one of my favorites until they killed him off the show (spoiler of season 5 sorry!) 

Off to get a shower.