Went shopping and went in so many stores! 

Nikki and I went shopping today and I actually went into a ton of different stores, including Walmart hell! 

​We went shoe shopping at Finish Line so Nikki could get new boots for work:) 
Nikki got me this cute pillow in Walmart:) 

Nikki got herself a phone card for straight talk. 

Got some body wash n stuff and cat liter, dog treats, cat food, toilet paper and cat treats at Dollar General. 

Got dinner at KFC! 

Did pretty freakin good if I say so myself! 

Still storming outside, our one creek is almost to the road, which means our town will have no access to the town next to us (the one with all the markets n stores) which sucks! But it happens once every year! 

All the babies happy with their treats n food:) 
Today turned out to be pretty freakin good! 

Night y’all! Time to watch the Dolphin Bengal game, Bengals better win, got money on this game!