Once Upon A Time Catch Up! **spoilers for season 6**

Ah, Once Upon A Time Season 6, you’re reaching beyond my expectations every episode! Today I watched Episode 2 of Season 6, and damn this season is just jumping right into the action, which I love. The Evil Queen is back to defeat Regina, and who is that walking beside the Evil Queen? Yup, you got it right, Zelena. Are they working together? Will they be working together?

In episode 1 you saw Regina and Zelena getting along, but you also see Zelena being greeted by the Evil Queen, by the sister she never had, by the sister she longed for. Episode 2 shows Zelena not so much helping The Evil Queen, but also turning a blind eye to her and what she is doing, while not helping Regina. The

The fact that Regina is standing up for herself against the Evil Witch, the fact that she is protecting her “family and friends” from the Evil Witch. I can already tell this season is going to be amazing.


These are all screenshots I took while watching Episode 2 Season 6 on the ABC Watch App.

Have you been keeping up with Season 6? If so, what do you think is going to happen here? What untold stories do you think Snow and Charming have? Do you think maybe perhaps Snow had something to do with Charmings fathers death? Do you think Zelena is going to give up on Regina and team up with the Evil Witch? Do you think Hook will be punished for helping Belle in hiding? Do you think The Evil Witch and Rumple will be a team again, or do you think Rumple will take the stand and be the father he needs to be to his unborn son?

Ah I’m dying for Episode 3 to come on, I need to know what is going on! Who agrees that Once Upon A Time needs to be turned into a book as well, with same characters and story lines? Ah, I would read them over and over again!

If you’ve never watched Once Upon A Time, I highly recommend trying it out. I’m not into Disney movies or fairytale endings, but this show, this show stole my attention from Season 1.

Season 1-5 is available on Netflix and you can easily watch the first two episodes of Season 6 on ABC Watch App and then catch the rest on Sundays on ABC!