Ah 5:35AM

I’m currently awake with the worst headache and anxiety ever. I have to attend Nikkis graduation today; well I don’t have to but what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t?! This is huge part of our lives, and I’m so proud of her, the least I could do is be seen with her at her graduation. I’m just so nervous because of how many people are going to be at this damn thing. Who’s all going to be at this thing? Ah I hate when I get so anxious that I wake up hella early just to get my “freak out” over with. 

I took my meds and now just sitting in bed waiting for Nikkis alarm to go off. Her mom will be here at 10 to get me, that’s another thing I’m nervous about. Nikki understands the best she can when it comes to my anxiety. If I need to turn around and go home she has no problem with it. But just knowing her mom will be here at ten and that we can’t arrive any later than 11 is just making me go nuts. 

My anxiety has been getting pretty good these past few months. Yesterday I even went and got myself an outfit for Nikkis graduation, with my mom. This is the outfit I got myself. Trying on clothes and shopping in general is usually a no go with me, but like I said, it was for Nikkis big day, I sucked it up. 

But now that day is here, ahhhh! I took my meds hoping they’ll calm me down way before it’s time to go. So I can get in “the mood” to shower, makeup, n everything. 

Wish Me good luck with my anxiety but most of all wish Nikki good luck with her graduation, I’ll be sure to post pictures of it later on this evening. 




  1. Katelyn Hawkes · October 7, 2016

    This is such an important time in her life, I’m glad you are attempting to overcome your anxiety and be there to support her.. That’s a super strong move! Good luck 🙂

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  2. Aunt Tabbi · October 7, 2016

    So proud of Nikki. And proud of you too. You can do this! It’ll be worth it in the end; I promise!

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