Happy Sunday Everybody:) 

Coffee and Meds to start the day, what a cocktail:) 

As much as I dread and hate waking up this early, it feels good once I’m up n moving. The cats are already going haywire, Hazel and Nikki currently reside in a nice cozy bed, as I sit on the computer n do work. 

I can tell I’m gonna have to be calling the oil company to get us some oil soon, this heat is gonna have to be turned on shortly I can! I hate waking up in a nice warm bed and in a hurry you throw the blankets off and it’s like jumping off the titantic! I’m currently wrapped up in a blanket at my desk with a warm cup of coffee ☕️, and fuzzy socks on. The floor in our trailer gets too cold in the mornings! 

I got my sidekick Joplin next to me:) See how she keeps sticking her paw on my chair?! I’m so worried I’m going to forget she’s down there and go to roll away from my desk and clip her paw! Oo never mind she just got up and went to the sofa, haha. 
Jynx is more of a window cat, she tends to stay in the window sill most of the AM. Another reason I love fall/winter so much up here is because I love the smell of a wood burner. We’re not lucky enough to have one but every neighbor around us does, so waking up to the smell of a wood burner, is a plus to me:) 

It’s definitely better than the time a truck full of cow manure wrecked on our main road, since this a farm town no one seemed to give two shits (no pun intended) and left it there for the rain to wash away. Omg there was literal shit on that road for like 2-3 days straight, I coulda puked everytime driving by. 

Well I guess I should get back to work, football comes on soon, and I couldn’t be more excited! Since Nikki and I won week 4 picks and got $50, I’m kinda excited to see how our picks go for this week! 

Here are my predictions, I got screwed on Thursdays game obviously, damn 49ers! Let’s hope today goes better than Thursday. I hate Cam Newton but the fact he won’t be playing on Mondays game, may just screw me, hopefully not. 
Also the Broncos have Paxton Lynch as the starting QB for today’s game, another I guess we’ll see kinda games! I got faith in my team! 

Okay okay I really need to get back to work, hopefully everyone is having a good start to their Sunday! 




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  2. FarahEdz · October 9, 2016

    Yesh, Happy Sunday 😀 Have a nice day! Also, Joplin is cute as always. My cat always strech like that 😂

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