Inspirational/Motivationa Monday! 

Good morning y’all:) I’m up really early compared to most days, but can’t seem to go back to sleep now that I’m up. I’m currently laying in bed with Jynx and Hazel and watching Law & Order. Figured I’d go ahead and do my Monday inspirational/motivational post:) 

Some quotes to get us moving today! But first, two funnys:) Yes! 

😂😂I’m dyin cause it’s so true! 

I hand picked each photo from Pinterest and went by what I could relate to, what I found most inspiring, and what I thought could motivate me. 

I hope everyone is having a good Monday, mine is starting off pretty dandy, other than its freezing in my house! 

Does anyone else have the iOS 10 upgrade? I freaking HATE how I have to hit the home button to unlock my phone, I am not use to it at all! 

How’s your morning going? Feel free to share any motivational quotes in the comments below for others to see 🙂