Not Feelin So Hot:/ 

I got offered a full time position at the office for the company I work for. I work from home online since the company is in Cali. My company offered me a high salary and full time position, and of course due to money I can’t. I’ll never be able to afford to relocate to California. 

I just feel hateful right now. I won’t be getting fired but still, I have an opportunity to become more than what I am. 

I hate money 

I hate how this world is ran. 

Earth is our fucking home, we should be able to travel wherever n it be free! 

Not traveling is like never leaving your bedroom. 




  1. Claudia Tress · October 12, 2016


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  2. Tikeetha T · October 11, 2016

    Yeah, if they aren’t offering relocation, I wouldn’t sweat it. You can’t afford it. California is expensive. I wonder how the people living there afford it.

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · October 11, 2016

      Omg I agree! Currently my fiancé and I pay $450 a month plus electric for a one bedroom house on +5acres. A one bedroom apartment in an apartment complex is $3,500 a month plus all utilities in Santa Monica. The salary would be 40k a year, my fiancé makes 36k now. We would be scrapping together to make ends meat because she would have to quit her job with the state in order to move. Don’t get me wrong I’d loveeee to live in Cali but it seems way out of reach with those prices!

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      • Tikeetha T · October 11, 2016

        Heck yeah! You both need to make over 6 figures to afford those rates or have room mates. Dang! Ya’ll have a great rate on that house. Wow! So, jealous.

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        • yourenotaloneinthisworld · October 12, 2016

          Living is very cheap here where I live. Our town is starting to get A LOT of people coming from Hagerstown, Baltimore, Laurel area due to how cheap it is here. But that’s also causing a lot of people to not have jobs, because we have hardly any businesses here. They’re trying to make it a bigger city like Hagerstown but our tiny town can’t handle it lol. You can rent a 4-5 bedroom house here for 750-850 a month, all utilities included. It’s really cheap here which is awesome but it also causes for a lot of people to never leave this town because it’s so hard to adjust, unless you have an amazing job. If you make over 36k a year, you’ll have it made here, but that’s a very good job here. We have little parts where we have a gated community but it’s full of doctors and lawyers that live there. There isn’t one house over 200,000 here for sale. Most houses range from 50-75k. I find us never leaving our home town due to the prices.


  3. emaalymaae · October 10, 2016

    I’m so sorry that sucks 😦 we have the same problem here with London as it’s crazy expensive to live there. We have people house sharing with like 20 people in a 4 bed house just to afford to live and work.
    But see it as you’re very skilled, they want you! And another company or opportunity closer to home will come along!

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · October 12, 2016

      That sucks! I’ve never been to London but would love to visit there! But thank you!! Definitely looking at it positive instead of negative.

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  4. The Anxiety Chronicles · October 10, 2016

    They didn’t offer to cover relocation costs? Companies tend to do that…sucks if they won’t pay for it. Just think of it as something better may be on its way!

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