Hello, Sweden and Venezuela!

I noticed today that two new countries have popped up on my stats! Hello Sweden and Venezuela friends, hope you enjoy what you’re reading and tend to stick around!

This Weeks Countries Have Been:

  1. The United States. (75 views)
  2. The United Kingdom (27 views)
  3. Canada (24 views)
  4. Kenya (16 views, a new high for Kenya)
  5. India (8 views, a low for India)
  6. Sweden (6 views)
  7. Pakistan (5 views, also a new low)
  8. Venezuela (5 views)
  9. Netherlands (1 view)


I enjoy going to my stats and seeing what all countries that happen to be on my bucket list, visit my page. India seems to be the main one on my bucket list to pop up on my stats. But I thank every country who views, even the United States (where I’m located).

Hope everyone has a good day, if not, chin up, tomorrow’s already here in another country!




  1. idontscream · October 14, 2016

    Dude this scared me off D: I’m sorry I know this is your blog but I really freaked out when I saw this on my board TT

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