Throwback Thursday. 

So far we’ve thrown it back to the 90s and the 80s, but what about the 60s? The 60s is a time I would have loved to grow up in, besides the whole same-sex marriage illegal bullshit. I know I’m completely skipping the 70’s but hey, I’m excited to do the 60’s, don’t judge.

Let’s take a look at some stuff from the 60s!

My Top Favorite Artist From The 60’s.

(yes, I still listen to music from the 60’s)

Number One: Definitely Janis Joplin (yes, I named my cat after her)

janis-joplin-deadJanis Joplin makes number one for so many reasons, not just her music and lyrics. Most people look at Janis and see a drug addict, I see an inspiring musician and her personality, her personality was so strong for this era, she was labeled a wild child.

She made stomping ground for many white female artists due to her gusty and strong vocalist.

Janis wasn’t always the most loved person during her short period of time on Earth. She suffered from bullying shortly after turning 14, being called a “pig” due to the weight gain and acne caused by puberty. She began wearing men’s shirts and short skirts to school, changing the fashion for women in the 60’s. She wasn’t an unsuccessful person at all, she graduated high school and shortly enrolled in College. In 1962 she left her known life and fled to the University of Texas in Austin, where she studied Art. In 1963 she dropped school and pursued her dream of being the artist she knew she could be, the artist that we all know and love. Like most artists, she seemed to struggle with making a career out of her voice, and she even spent some time in NYC where she thought she would find better luck at her career. This is when her alcohol and drug abuse seemed to be detrimental to her musical career. In 1965 she fled back home with the hope of getting herself back together again, she soon realized the conventional life was not for her.

She returned to performing and in 1966 (the time her life changed for good) she was invited and recruited to audition for “Big Brother and the Holding Company“. Big Brother and the Holding Company was a new psychedelic band out of San Francisco, CA that many people explained to be the new “Grateful Dead“.

“After hearing Joplin at Monterey, Columbia Records President Clive Davis wanted to sign the band. Albert Grossman, who already managed Bob Dylan, the Band, and Peter, Paul & Mary, later signed on as the band’s manager, and was able to get them out of another record deal they’d signed earlier with Mainstream Records.”

The band and Janis grew apart quickly after Janis rose in fame, their album was a huge hit but mainly because of “Piece of My Heart” and “Summertime”. Janis’ voice was so strong and she was so devoted to these songs when she performed, how couldn’t people follow her?!

Piece of My Heart Live — Highly recommend watching this, listening to this!

In 1969 Janis became solo and released her own album “I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama!” Kozmic Blues–check this out. janis_joplin_-_i_got_dem_ol_kozmic_blues_again_mama

After the release of her own album, she received many fans and also much criticism. Trying to a vocal woman in a man’s culture?

“That was a pretty heavy time for me,  it was really important, you know, whether people were going to accept me or not.” –

she later said in an interview with Howard Smith of The Village Voice.

The interview with Howard Smith on September 30th, 1970 was the last interview that Janis Joplin would ever do. She passed away only four short days later on October 4th, 1970 at a hotel in Hollywood, from an accidental drug overdose. She passed away at 27 years old, due to her addiction to heroin. janisjoplin

Known as the “first lady of rock ‘n’ roll,” Joplin has been the subject of several books and documentaries, including Love, Janis (1992), written by sister Laura Joplin.

If you’re a Netflix fan and also a Janis Joplin fan I suggest checking out “Janis Little Girl Blue”.


Rest Easy Janis Joplin, I can’t imagine how much fame you would have today if you would have stayed away from your demons.


Check out more on Janis Joplin Here: Biography && Janis Joplin

Secondly, Bob Dylan. 

2016-05-25-1464211797-4748536-bobdylanearly1960sI’m a huge fan of Bob Dylan’s music, I seriously think in my past life I was in the 60’s, or at least I’d like to think so.

My favorite songs by Bob Dylan: 


The Times They Are A Changin“- written and performed by Bob Dylan in 1964. The reason I enjoy music from this era, you just need to listen to the lyrics and you’ll understand. Listen Here.


Forever Young” Tribute Here.


It Ain’t Me Babe” – 1964 Listen Here.


Blowin in The Wind” – 1963. Listen Here.

1-bob-dylan-quotesRead More on Bob Dylan Here: Bob Dylan

Other Favorites That I Can’t Forget About: 

51siznol8sl-_sy355_Jimi Hendrix.

50d2ca7e6c1c2795ba390adf9628d60bStevie Nicks

rollingstonesThe Rolling Stones

Fashion From The 60’s?


If I could travel back in time to the 60’s, I must see: 

Number One Stop: would have to be WoodStock.

I would have been in the middle of every crowd during WoodStock. I’m a hippie at heart and this would feel like home.  


Number Two Stop: Every Protest I Could Have Attended! 

The 1960’s was also known for the protest that happened in this era. Fighting for woman’s rights, fighting for human equality and to end segregation between blacks and whites, fighting for the war to end!


I personally feel the 60’s was doing something right. The people fought to be equal, the people seemed to come together, no matter what color, gender, or sexual orientation. They sang from their hearts and about what they wanted to, not what would make them millions. They spoke the truth and stood up for each other, unlike we do today. I seriously think we could learn a lot from the 60’s era, maybe get an idea of what we’re doing correctly and what we’re doing incorrectly. Blows my mind that we are STILL fighting for human equality, and woman/men equality, what the actual fuck?!



Peace and Happiness need to be found again.