I think we’re gonna go for it. 

After a lot of talking, Nikki and I are highly considering moving to California for my job. We would be living 5 miles outside of Beverly Hills and about 10 miles outside of downtown Hollywood if we would move. 

This would be a big step in our life and I’m hoping it’s the right one. 

Working currently and waiting for Nikki to wake up. Hope everyone is having a good Saturday!! 

A little difference with my blog, I won’t be doing anymore “Spirtual Saturdays”I really  thought it would be something I’m interested in writing about but I was wrong. Instead I’ll be doing a freebie day where I can post whatever is on my mind on that day. Hopefully soon Nikki and I will start vlogging and Saturday will be the set day for that. 

Just by a show of comments, would any of you be interested in us doing a vlog? Just wondering how many people would actually be interested in hearing us blab about off the wall shit. 

I talked to Nikki about vlogging and she’s down to start doing them, as long as we have something to talk about she said. So we both decided our first vlog would be an intro and about aliens 👽, haha! 

Sundays will now be for pre game talk about the NFL games and the ending results/discussion on said games! 

Went online shopping today and got an awesome deal at Rue21. 

$63.37 for all that!! Their having a huge sale. This was before I put in my promo code as well, I saved well over $130 on my order. Rue21 is freakin awesome! We actually just got one in our mall that has a total of like 7 stores. But my anxiety still causes me a lot of trouble for shopping plazas, so online is great for me! 
I’m still waiting on my Hamsa necklace and tapestry from China and India to get here! Super excited about this order though too, expecially the tapestry! 

Back to work I go:) the heat is on today!! 




  1. victoriamariealonso · October 16, 2016

    I think a vlog is a great idea!!!!! I also think you should jump on the chance to move to California! California is fricking awesome! Thanks for all the great blogs about anything and everything!

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · October 17, 2016

      Thanks! Unfortunately I turned down the job option. Probably going to regret it for a while but financially it seemed impossible.


  2. Aunt Tabbi · October 15, 2016

    I love vlogs. I don’t think that I would ever have the courage to do one myself, but go for it! I’d take a listen.

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