It finally arrived! 

Like 3 weeks ago I ordered myself a new tapestry from Wish and I’m so happy with it!! 

This was it looked like online. 

​Here it is in person:) 
Can’t wait to get done everything and hang this up!! I’ll definitely show pictures of it up once I’m done doing what needs to be done! 

What needs to be done around here before Nikki gets home late: 

  1. Dishes🍴🍽
  2. Laundry 🎽👘👕👙
  3. Mop Floors 🗑 
  4. Scoop cat 🐱 literbox
  5. Find a dinner for tonight 🍳🍟🍕🍝🌮🍲🍱🍢🍡🍚🍙🍘🍣🍿🍮🍪🍩🍰🍦🍵