Christmas Presents! 

Okay so, my family use to read my blog but I’ve caught wind that they stopped recently! 

So, I can safely put the Christmas presents I’m doing for my family members on here! I can’t wait to get started on them, which will be tomorrow so I have to time to get all done! 

Here are the presents I’ll be doing, all ideas where found on Pinterest! 


For Nikki of course:) 
My Sister Jenny. 

My Sister in law Kristy. 

My mom. 

Debby (Nikkis mom) 

Cousin Katie 

Brother In Law David. 


Havent decided which one for my neice Marisa (20) 

 Haven’t decided which one for my neice Kayla (19). 

Havent decided which one for my neice Grace (9). 

Any idea which ones I should pick for them? I put there ages next to their names. 


Kylie and Kalyn, not sure which one yet. 

Let me know what ya think! All ideas found on Pinterest! 




  1. Tikeetha T · October 24, 2016

    Gorgeous! I think they will love them all.

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  2. Aunt Tabbi · October 19, 2016

    I love them! Can I add my name to your Christmas list? I’m always painting and making things for presents, but no one ever does that for me. I collect birds (especially owls), pink and black “stuff”, and….I’m just kidding. (I do love the ideas and I really do collect those things, but just kidding about being added to your list. lol

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · October 19, 2016

      Lol! My grandma collected owls all her life. When she passed away my mom was handing out owl statues like it was nothing lol. I have one sitting next to her wooden rose from her funeral.

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