It finally arrived! 

Like 3 weeks ago I ordered myself a new tapestry from Wish and I’m so happy with it!! 

This was it looked like online. 

​Here it is in person:) 
Can’t wait to get done everything and hang this up!! I’ll definitely show pictures of it up once I’m done doing what needs to be done! 

What needs to be done around here before Nikki gets home late: 

  1. Dishes🍴🍽
  2. Laundry 🎽👘👕👙
  3. Mop Floors 🗑 
  4. Scoop cat 🐱 literbox
  5. Find a dinner for tonight 🍳🍟🍕🍝🌮🍲🍱🍢🍡🍚🍙🍘🍣🍿🍮🍪🍩🍰🍦🍵



Today’s just another day I feel like. Still don’t feel right that Jynx is buried in our front yard. We went for a little drive this morning, took a few photos to show everyone how Fall it is! I also shared a video from snapchat of us this morning lol. It was an inside joke but I ended up posting it and saving it lol. 

RIP Jynx. 

Rest In Peace little baby. You’ll be forever loved and missed. 

Can’t believe you had to go at such a young age, we barely got to know you. You are the best kitten out there, you’ll forever be missed by your two mommies. 
I’m so sorry there wasn’t more we could do for you, we tried everything baby girl. 

You’re in a better place, grandma has you in her arms. 


Today Couldn’t Get Worse. 

I feel like today is the most mondayest Monday I’ve had in a long ass time. 

My mom took my car to get an estimate for the damages done to it when it got hit n ran. 

The estimate place marked my car as “totaled” since the estimate is more than my car is worth.  I can either take the $$ they’ll give for it ($2,500) or buy it back from them ($4,300). 

Now, I’ll be getting a new car but it won’t be my car that I’ve had since 2011 (not that fuckin long). I’m pissed about this, badly. 

I turned down the job opportunity in California today as well. I’m just pissed in general about this, mainly because of how badly I wanted to Fucking go. I guess my car was the number one sign that it wasn’t meant to be, ya know since I have NO WAY OF DRIVING 36 FUCKING HOURS NOW! 

I have to take one of our cats to the vet to be put down, I’ve been crying all day about this. Jynx, the sweetest fucking cat I’ve ever met, is seriously ill and has beeen for 7 days now. She hasn’t made one bowel movement or aten on her own. I’ve been feeding her cat milk and liquids through a syringe for the past 7 days now, and she has made 0% recovery. I have no idea if the flea medicine did this, if she got into something that caused this, if she hurt herself somehow. I feel like the worst person in the world even considering putting an animal down, but she is suffering bad. 

I took her to the vet and they charged over $100 just for her to be seen and to tell me “we need to run test, do X-rays, and keep her for a few days, you’re looking at well over $1,500”. I don’t have $1500 to spend, and NO ONE in our shit town does payments and neither Nikki or I qualify for the animal health credit card thing. 

Am I supposed to just let her sit and suffer, while I do nothing? I can’t do that to an innocent baby who knows nothing of what’s going on with herself. Listen to her cry and watch? I can’t do that, I have to much love for animals to do this. 

I fucking hate today and can’t wait for it to be over. The worst part is taking Jynx to the vet by myself, since Nikki is at work. 😫😓😓 I feel so awful right now. 

If your cat had done something like this and it was something little to fix, please I beg of you to let me know what to do. 

Hope everyone is having a better fucking day than I am. 


Sunday NFL Pre Game Talk! 

Today Sunday October 16th, we have a handful of teams playing! 

Let’s take a look 👀 at all the teams playing today:

  1. San Francisco 49ers V.S. Buffalo Bills. 
  2. Philadelphia Eagles V.S. Washington Redskins.
  3. Cleveland Browns V.S. Tennessee Titans. 
  4. Baltimore Ravens V.S. New York Giants. 
  5. Carolina Panthers V.S. New Orleans Saints. 
  6. Jacksonville Jaguars V.S. Chicago Bears 🐻. 
  7. Los Angeles Rams 🐑 V.S. Detroit Lions 🦁.
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers V.S. Miami Dolphins 🐬 . 
  9. Cincinnati Bengals V.S. New England Patriots. 
  10. Kansas City Chiefs V.S. Oakland Raiders. 
  11. Atlanta Falcons V.S. Seattle Seahawks. 
  12. Dallas Cowboys V.S. GreenBay Packers. 
  13. Indianapolis Colts V.S. Houston Texans. 

Who I think will win the games: 

  1. Buffalo Bills 💵 
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars. 
  3. Los Angeles Rams 🐑. 
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers. 
  5. New Orleans Saints. 
  6. New England Patriots.
  7. Baltimore Ravens. 
  8. Tennessee Titans. 
  9. Philadelphia Eagles. 
  10. Oakland Raiders. 
  11. GreenBay Packers. 
  12. Atlanta Falcons. 
  13. Houston Texans. 

How do you think this Sunday’s games are going to go? Let me know who you think will be winning these games in the comments below! 


Nikki and her brother are currently at a haunted house, I decided to stay back with Nikkis mom. 

She sent me this picture of them: 

Looks like they’re having a good time! 
I’ve been hanging out with Nikkis mom! My bored snapchats that I sent to Nikki. 
Hope everyone is staying safe and having a good night!🌙💤 


Top 5 Horror Movies and TV Shows! 

So since Halloween is right around the corner I figured, why not go ahead and do a Top 5 Horror Movie post! 

These are my favorite top 5 horror movies obviously, so it’s all in what I found best. 

Top 5 Movies: 

1- I Spit On Your Grave. If you’re into the ultimate revenge movie, I highly recommend watching this! Scare Factor:😱😱😱😱😱 5/5 

2-Hush. This can be found on Netflix. Scare Factor: 😱😱😱😱 4/5

3-You’re Next. This can be found on Netflix. Scare Factor: 😱😱😱😱 4/5 

4-Drag Me To Hell. Scare Factor: 😱😱😱 3/5 but still a good movie! 

5-The Babadook. Can be found on Netflix as well. Scare Factor: 😱😱😱😱😱 5/5. 

TV Shows: 📺 

1-American Horror Story. I loooovvveeee AHS, currently on season 5 Hotel. My favorite seasons are The Insane Asylum and Freak Show. Scare Factor: 😱😱😱😱 4/5 but Freak Factor: 😱😱😱😱😱5/5 available on Netflix up until season 5! 

2-Bates Motel. I looove me some Bates Motel! All caught up on Netflix. Scare Factor: 😱😱😱 3/4 Freak Factor😱😱😱😱4/5. 

3-Scream. Ah I love Scream so much! It’s one of my favorite shows now. You can watch Season 1 & 2 on Netflix. Scare Factor 😱😱😱😱 4/5 Freak Factor: 😱😱😱3/5. 

4-Znation. I hate the walking dead and fell in love with znation. Available on Netflix. Scare Factor 😱😱😱 3/5. Freak Factor: 😱😱😱 3/5. 

5-Izombie. Love me some Izombie. I was not into this when I scrolled past on Netflix but once I started watching it, I love it!!! Highly recommend this show, if you like zombie shows:) Scare Factor: 😱 1/5. Freak Factor: 😱😱 2/5. 

What’s your favorite horror movie? Do you have any suggestions for tv shows I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!! 


I think we’re gonna go for it. 

After a lot of talking, Nikki and I are highly considering moving to California for my job. We would be living 5 miles outside of Beverly Hills and about 10 miles outside of downtown Hollywood if we would move. 

This would be a big step in our life and I’m hoping it’s the right one. 

Working currently and waiting for Nikki to wake up. Hope everyone is having a good Saturday!! 

A little difference with my blog, I won’t be doing anymore “Spirtual Saturdays”I really  thought it would be something I’m interested in writing about but I was wrong. Instead I’ll be doing a freebie day where I can post whatever is on my mind on that day. Hopefully soon Nikki and I will start vlogging and Saturday will be the set day for that. 

Just by a show of comments, would any of you be interested in us doing a vlog? Just wondering how many people would actually be interested in hearing us blab about off the wall shit. 

I talked to Nikki about vlogging and she’s down to start doing them, as long as we have something to talk about she said. So we both decided our first vlog would be an intro and about aliens 👽, haha! 

Sundays will now be for pre game talk about the NFL games and the ending results/discussion on said games! 

Went online shopping today and got an awesome deal at Rue21. 

$63.37 for all that!! Their having a huge sale. This was before I put in my promo code as well, I saved well over $130 on my order. Rue21 is freakin awesome! We actually just got one in our mall that has a total of like 7 stores. But my anxiety still causes me a lot of trouble for shopping plazas, so online is great for me! 
I’m still waiting on my Hamsa necklace and tapestry from China and India to get here! Super excited about this order though too, expecially the tapestry! 

Back to work I go:) the heat is on today!! 


I have a lot of thinking to do.

Remember how I was saying I was so disappointed that I couldn’t relocate myself to California and work at my jobs office? Well they just offered to pay to relocate me and my fiancé in order for me to work with them. 

I wanna do this so bad, you guys have no idea the amount of wanderlust I have. But is it worth it? Nikki makes almost 40k a year now and we’re looking into buying a house, but she’ll have to quit in order for me to work in Cali. Meaning I’ll be making 40k alone and paying 2-3,000 a month for rent alone. I’ve looked into towns near my office but I’m worried if I can afford it, it’ll be a nasty apartment in a big ass city. 

The other thing is, if Nikki quits it’ll all be on me. What if panic attacks? Here I go with the what if bullshit. 

I really really wanna do this. But is it smart?! 


Hello, Sweden and Venezuela!

I noticed today that two new countries have popped up on my stats! Hello Sweden and Venezuela friends, hope you enjoy what you’re reading and tend to stick around!

This Weeks Countries Have Been:

  1. The United States. (75 views)
  2. The United Kingdom (27 views)
  3. Canada (24 views)
  4. Kenya (16 views, a new high for Kenya)
  5. India (8 views, a low for India)
  6. Sweden (6 views)
  7. Pakistan (5 views, also a new low)
  8. Venezuela (5 views)
  9. Netherlands (1 view)


I enjoy going to my stats and seeing what all countries that happen to be on my bucket list, visit my page. India seems to be the main one on my bucket list to pop up on my stats. But I thank every country who views, even the United States (where I’m located).

Hope everyone has a good day, if not, chin up, tomorrow’s already here in another country!