November Photo A Day Challenge! 

I’m really loving this challenge this month for some reason. I feel it’s giving me more “want” to post at least once a day. I just wish I could write as much as I think about shit in my head. When I’m home alone I need to just grab my computer and type, and not care if it makes sense to others, it makes damn sense to me!! 

So anywho, let’s start this day with a November photo a day challenge picture! 

So today is the 6th: “You Pick!” 
I’m picking to do people/animals I love! Photos that I have in my phone of Nikki, Hazel, Joplin, family. 

Last night my girls cuddling 🙂 my girlsnikki and big bro Dave! Haze:) Jynx before she passed:/ Nikki and momma Debby:) my girls big day:) momma Debby n me faceswapped. Jynx:/ Hazel Bee. Joplinjoplin lol JoplinJynx was such a beautiful cat:( Joplin! My baby nephew:) lol:) mom and Pappy. Me and Nikki 4 years ago, her first time fishing:) RIP Grandma. Mom and Cousin Bentley! Mom and Pap:) my sister, my mom, and 2 nieces, 2 nephews. My beautiful momma on her 60th. 🙂 my girl! JOPLIN as a baby. Jynx, god we miss you little thing! My Aunt Mary, faceswap! My Daddy, faceswap! Joplins babyface! Joplin:) rip beautiful baby! Nikki and my baby nephew:) me and big bro Dave:) me and my nephew, he’s getting too big:( me and my daddy way back. Family<3Minaj, my dog when I lived at home. Baby Nephew. Pap and niece Gracie. Nephew Tyler.newphew Conner. 
Family means a lot to me, as well as my animals they’re family. 



  1. girlandworld · November 6, 2016

    Loved the snap chat pics

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