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An awesome post I highly suggest going over and reading, especially if you’re a big believer in Karma. I happen to believe in Karma a lot more than I believe in anything “spiritual”, mother nature’s way of saying “you’re a fucked up human being, take this!”

A part of me thinks that if your life “sucks” this time around, you’re getting your karma from your past life. If you’re full of love and receive nothing but, you’re being rewarded for your past life. I don’t believe in heaven or hell, I honestly believe whatever we do in this life, determines how our next life will be.


Hey guys recently I read few wonderful real life incidents shared by my fellow quorans which I felt important to be shared with my audiences because the purpose of my blog is just not sharing my experience but also helping my readers in some way or the other through sharing the right kind of information. […]

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