Help Me. 

So I’ve made an appointment for my next tattoo, I just need a little help narrowing down my options. But first, go check out this song and play it while helping me? Ahah I just heard it today and kinda like it, it’s different then what I usually listen too Here it is

So here’s my options; option #1: Blackbird Fly. Option #2: Wanderlust n Mountainoption 3: everything happens for a reason. Option 4: mountain tattoooption 5: planets 1. Option 6: planets 2. Option 7. Mermaid tattoooption 8 planets 3. Option 9. Option 10. Option 11. Option 12. Option 13, the 4 elements option 14. Option 15. Option 16. Option 17. Option 18. Option 19. Option 20. Option 21. 

All will go on my arm, so ignore any of these placements. 




  1. Aunt Tabbi · November 8, 2016

    I am a fan of any of them with a “;” in them. Maybe that’s only because that’s what I want….lol

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  2. The Anxiety Chronicles · November 8, 2016

    They’re all so different it’s hard to choose. What do you feel you need to see on a daily basis? Which one makes you the most excited when looking st it?

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