So, why am I awake so early? 

Good question, I woke up to walk Nikki out to the car and make sure she took her drink to work (since she forgot it yesterday) and haven’t gone back yet. I mean technically I’m in bed but I’m wide the fuck awake. 

My moms coming to pick me up here in a few hours, we’re going together to vote😂😂. #fuckdonaldtrump I legitimately can’t wait for this election to be over. Even though today marks the end of America. You was great while ya lasted✌🏼️Ever wonder what other people not in America are saying about this election? My favorite is Indias opinion. These photos are ALL TAKEN FROM SNAPCHAT. 

I made some dinner lastnight that turned out to be!!! Shepards Pie:) also had some Cornbread with it. I smother mine in Hot Sauce because hot sauce is life, but I didn’t take a picture of my plate because my phone 📱 died the moment I took the pictures up there ^^^. 

I was trying hella hard to get Hazels face to register on SnapChat but nahhh it noticed her one eye and her nose holes lmfao. 
I turned on my TV just for some light in the room while I smoke a cig and drink a cup of HOT TEA BECAUSE IM ALL OUT OF COFFEE AND DIDNT FUCKING REALIZE. Of course the remote (clicker as I say) is missing, I honesty couldn’t tell you the last time I saw it. But there’s some awful ass child’s show on right now that’s driving me up a damn wall, oh oh oh ah oh! Is all I hear, the most annoying voices, doing the most annoying things. Idk how parents deal with this shit every morning, my kids wouldn’t be allowed to watch whatever the hell this show is on Cartoon Network right now. 

Hazels spoiled ass is snoring like shit next to me. Her stomache is probably hurting like hell since she decided to eat a pair of my shoes last night, I was not happy when I woke up. She’s a really good dog that’s 5 years old but there’s the one day out of a month that she decides to be a new puppy and tear into shit. Alien filter on Snap is my fav💕.
This filter I think is perfect just because the glasses legit have a town in them and when you move your head around it shows the town around, it’s pretty fuckin neat lol. As you can see, I ain’t leaving bed anytime soon. 
This, this is the hell that is on TV and nah I’m not gonna be getting up to change it. I can easily roll over and play on my phone 😂😂. 
I’m hungry as hell and want chick fil a. I went a whole year almost 2 years without eating there, when gay marriage was tryin to get legalized and Chick fil a was protesting against same sex marriage so I stopped buying their shit. But bahaha I can get married n eat yo shit the same day now bitches;) 

Gary Johnson Fakes Heart Attack –please go watch this😂😂. 



  1. Aunt Tabbi · November 8, 2016

    Wow! I feel like I just felt a few minutes in your head. You’re like me…flipping from random topic to random topic. lol

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · November 8, 2016

      Hahaha!!! I didn’t even notice until you said something. I went back and read it, lol I’m all over the place this morning.

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