So I’m probably not voting, my vote wouldn’t of really mattered anywho since I was voting 3rd party but I’m still upset cause I wanted to go n get a feel for what it’s like since I’ve never voted before. 

​But my mom just messaged me and said she’s unable to come get me, and I don’t have a car yet, STILL. So unless I wanna walk, it’s not gonna happen. 
Oh well, Jill Stein you did have my vote. 

Currently sittin up in bed watching “Monsters In My Family”, smoking a cig, and drinkin some sodypop. I really need to fuckin quit soda again, I went almost a whole year without it and now I’m back drinking it everyday and already gained 15 of the 30 lbs I lost 😂😂. 

I’m hungry, I want sushi 🍣 and rice 🍚 like right now. 




  1. Aunt Tabbi · November 8

    I have no idea what a “sodypop” is. Here in NC it’s either a Pepsi or a Coke. (Even if those aren’t the drink you are drinking.) My mom’s side (the country folk) call everything Pepsi. My dad’s side (the town folk) call everything a Coke. I guess I’m a rebel because I call everything RC. I’ve never eaten sushi, but I’d bring you some if I were closer. Sorry. (I can’t have seafood…allergic. Which sucks because I LOVE seafood. It just REALLY hates me.)

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