I’m losing faith in humans

Great post about the election yesterday. Highly recommend checking it out when you have the chance to read it.


On Tuesday night, I was uncharacteristically optimistic as my wife and I sat up and watched the election results come in. It was the same sort of hopefulness I had when the Brexit vote went down. Usually, I’m inclined to catastrophising. The lens of depression focuses on the negatives in most scenarios, the things that could go wrong and what there is to be afraid of.

Throughout this presidential campaign, fear has been a constant theme. Both candidates wielded it skilfully; whipping up fear of immigration, of certain religions, of Russians, Chinese, Arabs – the list goes on and on. Donald Trump was masterful in his emotive stoking of the fear. In response, Clinton capitalised on Trump’s fear rhetoric; consistently pointing out everything about him that we should be afraid of.

Living in a word that is governed by fear of one thing or another, it is difficult to keep…

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