November Photo A Day Challenge: catch up. 

So everything with the debate results yesterday kind of had my mind off of my actual posts!! 

So today I’ll be catching up on my November Photo A Day Challenge and do yesterday’s post here along with today’s:) 

Yesterday’s challenge was “your view”. Well since I’m in my room, lemme open then hardly ever opened curtains and take a quick pic!   View from our bedroom. 

Today’s Challenge for the 10th: “Leaves”. Great now I gotta uncover and walk outside, let’s go! All the leaves are pretty much dead now. Every tree is completely bare and dead looking with no leaves left. The leaves that are left are brown and easy to crumble just blowing around with the wind. I really like how in the 2nd leaf picture you can see the sun rays beaming down off the car port. 

It’s extremely windy up on the mountains today:) 

How’s everyone’s day going so far? Good I hope!