November Photo A Day Challenge! 

Good Morning Y’all:) I’m sadly awake at this godly hour due to work. Nikki and Hazel are passed out on the sofa and Joplin is running a muck like usual mornings.

Today’s challenge: “decorate”. I hardly have all my fall decorations up but the ones I do have up I’ll show ya! 

Got my snowman out and up with my Christmas plate my neice made me a few years back:) and my fall decorations lmfao. I have a fall wreath hanging up. That’s about as far as I went this year. 
When we first moved into our rental about 3 years ago, I decorated for every little holiday that I possibly could. Then I figured out that in order to have nice holiday things, this requires storage, which we do not have much of. Our trailer consist of ONE closet, and it’s a utility closet. We do have a shed but sadly every opossum, raccoon, skunk and groundhog live in it as well. Our Christmas tree has became a home to some rodents lol,new tree   this year is a must. 

How’s everyone’s day going? Anything fun planned for today? I work till 3 and then who knows what!