“Could Likes Be The Currency of the Future? “— The Richness of a Simple Life


I highly recommend going over and taking a moment to read this post. I do agree that Likes could possibly be a currency in the future. Well, I actually believe it kind of already it just in the form of subscribers. Look at the amount of money people can make off of youtube, but it all depends on a number of likes and subscribers. It’s a future thing but kind of already happening today.

I just started watching this show on Netflix that much to my surprise got my wheels spinning. One particular episode was a look into the future and instead of money, the drive, focus, and currency of the society were ratings based on stars. When buying coffee for example you’d rate someone from one to five […]

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  1. Life Memoirs Blog · November 17, 2016

    Well it’s the bitter truth,whether you feel or not that a person is deserving,it’s the number of likes in this technological world which decides the fate of the person.

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