Tonight is The All Time Test.

Remember how I’ve explained I hate being the only one awake in the house, it terrifies me for some reason. I’ve been living with Nichole since I turned 18 and moved out to be with her. I haven’t spent a night alone in over 4 years and haven’t spent one night by myself in our house that we moved into 3 years ago. 

Tonight is going to be the biggest test ever for me. Nikki works cat eye tonight, meaning I’ll be spending an entire night completely by myself and I’m terrified. In the 22 years of living, I haven’t stayed in a house completely 100% alone for an entire night. 

My paranoia is going to be an all time new high tonight. Since the sun goes down at 5:30pm now I’m starting to get paranoid at around 6 but Nikki won’t be leaving until after 10pm. 

So I’m writing this to ask you guys for some suggestions on what to write about tonight since that’s all I’ll be doing. 

Pictures from the past few days: 

We drank last nightchillin in WV buying cigs yesterday.joplin and Hazel getting close! I thought I was gonna win the pickem at my office, nope:( 
Please name a few topics or ideas in the comments, maybe even some questions you’d wanna ask me? 




  1. annebella & kate · November 16, 2016

    Did you already have to spend the night alone? Did I miss it? Hmmm, you could always search out “Blog writing prompts” and get ahead on your blog, that will keep your mind busy. You can do this.

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