3 Day Writing Challenge – Day 1.


Day 1: Introduce yourself to your followers. I thought this would be a perfect pick for day one since we all get new followers, not everyone can scroll down to our very first post!

So with that being said, here is a little about me and my blog.

My name is Cyerra, I go by C on WordPress though. I talk like a fuckin sailor and I’m not very lady like when I need to be. When I first started blogging I was strictly anonymous and then got comfortable with the WordPress community and felt ok to open up. I am a 22-year-old female living with Paranoid Schizophrenia, Social Anxiety, and Depression. I started off writing mainly about my difficulties with said “disabilities”, but now I write about everything. WordPress has helped me open up a lot about my “disabilities” since I was able to connect with some people who struggle with the same day to day problems as me. img_5691

I live with my fiance Nichole and our two fur babies in the mountains of our town. Our first fur baby is 5 years old and we rescued her when she was a year old from some pretty bad situations. Her name is Hazel, but we call her Hazel Bee. Our second fur baby is Joplin, an 8-month-old cat that we’ve had since she was 8 weeks old. Sadly, her sister Jynx passed away a few months ago from feline leukemia.

I work from home, which has helped me out a lot due to my social anxiety. In my spare time, I’m usually watching Netflix or youtube videos with Nikki, drawing in my sketchpad, writing on WordPress, or out with Nikki and our friends somewhere. img_5948

I’ve overcome a lot since I started this blog, my first intro is actually a lot different than this one. When I first started blogging I couldn’t even walk into a store without having a panic attack and now that is something I am doing daily. My anxiety is still incredibly hard to deal with but not impossible like it use to be.

I’m not an only child but technically I was growing up. My sister was in college and my brother was a senior in high school when I was brought into this world. I grew up with my nieces and nephews instead of my siblings like most kids. My oldest niece is a few months younger than me, only a class behind me in school. My youngest nephew is 5, while the oldest is 16, so I have a feeling of what it’s like to have a sibling, but not really too sure.

I went to a Catholic school until 9th grade, when I was bullied out of my school and switched my 10th-grade year to a Public School. Which was a huge change, I went from a class of 20 to a class of 300. I’m thankful that I left my Catholic School and got to see more of the world at the age of 16. I won’t lie, I got into bad habits and drugs when I switched but it was no one’s fault but mine. I had mental problems that were not diagnosed and I used alcohol and drugs to make myself feel better.

After I was sent to a psych ward for suicide and homicidal thoughts and intentions I was given two choices when I came back home. 1- Go back to the awful Catholic School I got ran out of it or 2- Go to a Baptist School I never attended before. Of course, I picked option 2, hahaha. My first day I couldn’t believe this was the school I was attending. Brain Washed children from age 3, my class had 13 kids, 13 FREAKING KIDS! None of them 13 JUNIORS ever heard a 17-year-old use “grown up language”, never met a kid that went to a Public School, never met a kid like me. img_5383

After barely making my way through that hell of a school I graduated by the skin of my teeth and patiently waited for my dipoloma in the mail so I could finally attended our first Gay Pride in our town!  At this Gay Pride, I met this amazing girl named Nichole who I would later be engaged to and living together for 5 years now:)

I never thought I’d meet my soul mate actually, I was positive I never would, but hey shit happens, right? 🙂img_4123-1

I’m a really down to earth person, I don’t judge you if you don’t judge me. Cockiness is kind of pet peeve of mine, only the annoying cockiness, ya know what I mean.

I’m a huge believer in Aliens and Conspiracy Theories, I could talk for hours about these subjects. img_5382-1

I’ve never lived outside of the State I live in now, it’s the first thing on my dream list, to get the hell outta here! My fiance and I are actually saving up for a tiny home that we’re drawing up plans to build on an 18ft trailer that can be hauled. Should be interesting, but I’m all down for it.

If it was up to me, we’d be throwing some shit in a bag and hoping on the back of a train and taking wherever it takes us. Settling down in a tent or old cabin in the woods until we can figure out how to build a place on some unused land. Only in the dreams, right?

Well, that’s enough about me. Tell me some shit about yourself.

**all pictures from my phone**



  1. alucardeverlasting · November 18, 2016

    You’ve come a long way, glad to hear you’ve overcome a lot of things, especially after starting your blog. I always love the positivity and humor in your posts!! 😀 Hope you’re night went alright! p.s., I hate being by myself at night too 😛

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · November 18, 2016

      XD thank you!!! I try to be positive about shit lol! Humor? Shiiittt have you read your posts?! The bluntness!!!! Your writing is perf. I survived last night!!! Mwhahaa.

      Liked by 1 person

      • alucardeverlasting · November 18, 2016

        Best way to be!! 🙂 LOL I have my bluntness but you got your own style and its just as refreshing!! I’m glad you survived 😂😂😂

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        • yourenotaloneinthisworld · November 18, 2016

          Thank You! And yess bluntness is the BEST way to be. Seems I’m most blunt when drunk lmfao.


  2. Betcha didn't know! · November 17, 2016

    You seem like an awesome person. I wish you and your fiance all the best😊

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