November Photo A Day Challenge. 

I’m very behind on this challenge, and I created it myself:/ Things haven’t been good for me mentally but other than that I can’t complain. Things are awesome at home with Nikki, good with the family, just me I guess. 

Anyway, let’s catch up shall we. 

Today’s the 26th, so “Outside My Window”. Haha I just so happen to be sitting by the living room window on my computer working:) 

My view from exactly where I am sitting, just turned around lmfao. 

And outside…it looks so cold and icky outside, and it’s fucking freezing!




  1. Tabbi · November 26, 2016

    I am way behind too but I will catch up….I promise. Oh and by the way, you have some ornaments on your tree that look like ones I own too! lol But my tree isn’t up. I did mom’s today. I need to clean my living room and piano room before I put up my tree(s).

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