Attractions Of My Hometown. 

So when I say I’m from my hometown, I’m really from a little community that has surrounding towns seconds away, so these are pictures taken while driving from downtown (where I grew up) all the way up to where Nikki and I live now ( a different town but only 10 minute drive).

So leaving downtown (where Nikki and I grew up)..We have of course the trains. We’re big for our amount of trains and train tracks just in the middle of every damn street. 

Churches, one thing our hometown has A LOT of. In this picture above you’ll see one church but two different steeples, that’s because it’s two churches side by side. 
Our tiny hometown might have a lot of churches but we’re not slacking with the amount of liquor stores neither. Here is just one of the 2 on same street. 
Then, across the street from the liquor store we have Gianni’s Pizza. Our food selection sucks ass in our hometown. 
And then, wait a minute what’s that diagonally across from Gianni’s? Of course Foxs Pizza😂😂.

 Now up through downtown and we’re heading into the other small town that’s starting to become “booming”. Sooo many houses have been torn down for “businesses” lmfao. It’s just repeats of what we already have anyways. 
First thing you see when entering the next town? Jolly Rogers! A maw n paw liquor store of course! 
Next up? Another church! 
Next to the church n bar? Gotta have a library! 
Don’t forget the Rustic Touch country decor store. 
We have a lot of volunteer fire departments. Mainly 3/5 people you meet in our town is a volunteer fire fighter. 

We got a Rita’s like 6-7 years ago. I don’t like Rita’s so I don’t eat there, ever. They’re closed for the season right now anyways. 
And a few inches down from Rita’s we have yet another church. This is the church that continuously puts “protect our marriage” on their billboard. 👎🏼
Now onto the chain of fast foods our town calls restaurants. First up Dairy Queen (DQ). 
This restaurant opened up a few years ago. I’ve yet to try it but I’ve heard it’s bomb so I guess I should try it out sometime. 
These are in the same “plaza”. 
Our town might be little but next to all them food places? You need a “locked door”😂😂. 

Next to that, a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). 
Up next we got the “Banana Leaf” and “Asian Garden”. Ive ate here once in HS and got food poison, never ate there again. Food was alright tho. 
Our oldest and my favorite restaurant we have, Dennys. 
Next we have the ultimate liquor store, this is the liquor store that took me months to get the urge to go into, and the liquor store I went into on Black Friday! 
Across the street, we have a Pizza Hut. We have 3 lol. 

Next we have a Harley Davidson Bike Shop. Which I’m not sure why since this town is a broke joke. 
Then a Long John Silvers for our old folks:) 
Getting further down the strip we have a Burger King 👑. 

Then before heading up the mountain you have one last shopping plaza. It contains Dunhams Sports, Modern Nails, The Fitted Joint, Subway, Dollar General, Hookah Plus, and Ollies Bargain Outlet. 
Finally getting up into the mountain we have a tattoo parlor, and a mattress store. 
Then it’s all up hill from there… you pass a lot of oversized Trump signs on the way home. 
Yay we reached the top! 
Now you head down into the cut of the mountain to reach our little town we live in now. 
On the way down you’ll pass creeks and four wheeling routes. 
Behold the Castle! First thing you see when enetering our town. The Castle has a great story behind it and is now open for weddings and stuff. It’s actually for sale but for like 3 million dollars. 

See the Castle peaking up over the stone wall? 
Our town is very old and historic so yes this is the actual old jail of our town and yes that is a creepy fucking mannequin in the window. It’ll be dressed as Santa by the time Christmas comes. 
Wake up in the middle of the night and craving a soda? Don’t wanna drive the fifteen miles to the nearest down? We got a sodypop machine! It’s used A LOT. I’ve even waited in line before during the summer for a drink lmfao. 
Once you pass the Iron Rail Sign, we’re getting close! 
We’re home! 

I use to be 100% anonymous but I thought it’d be great to share you my town. What are your thoughts? 

There may be a video on here which won’t delete so bare with it! It’s a snapchat video lol. 



  1. Tabbi · November 30, 2016

    This is sooooo funny that you posted this today. For days now I have tried to do a video coming home. It does really well until 1/2 a mile from my house. Then the video flips out and deletes itself!

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · November 30, 2016

      Oh no!!! lol I stopped about a 1/2 mile from my house actually!

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      • Tabbi · November 30, 2016

        It’s bugging me. I don’t know what to do. I’ve made the video 3 times and it flips out every single time and deletes! Maybe I should just take some photos.

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  2. Betcha didn't know! · November 30, 2016

    Thanks for the tour! I love exploring places I’ve never been!

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  3. Okoto Enigma · November 30, 2016

    Really pretty pictures; nice shots, and decorations as well. I saw burger king 😉😉

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