Vlog Q&A

I apologize to everyone who asked use questions for our Q&A and never seen the vlog with our answers! I won’t be able to do anymore vlogs until I upgrade my account on WordPress. 

With that being said, some of you had some amazing questions for myself, Nikki, and us together. 

Here are our answers to your amazing questions.

AC=answer cyerra AN= answer Nikki

Q 1)  Bailey asked: “What do you believe your purpose is? “. 

AC) ahhh that’s an awesome question and I honesty can’t answer because I’m not sure what my purpose would be. I guess you could say I haven’t discovered it yet? 

AN) umm I have no idea, for real. But I think it is something that involves animals. 

Q2) Tikeetha 
asked “How would you describe the voices in your head when you’re not on meds? Does your head hurt? How long have you and your girlfriend been together? Was she your first love? 

AC) ah, the easiest way I can describe my voices…think of when you’re “talking” to yourself in your head, you can kinda “hear” yourself thinking. Imagine that, but it not being your voice or your thoughts. When I’m on my meds and I’m 100% I don’t not hear anything, I hear fuzz like a static radio station. Off my meds, I see hear and taste things that aren’t there. 

My head technically I guess doesn’t hurt, I have my headaches from the crying, head hurting from pulling on my hair and hitting my head to make them stop. 

Nichole and I have been together for 4 1/2 years, it’ll be 5 on July 26th. 

Yes she’s definitely the first person I’ve ever been in love with. 

Q3) Annebella asked us both a question and one together. a- “cyerra what message can you send to your readers with mental health issues to give them something positive to hang onto?” b- “Nikki, do you feel that your fighting to keep your relationship legitimate amongst a world of haters?” c- “Both of you, they say it’s hard to be gay/lesbian in this day and age and I wonder how the two of you manage the struggle or if you have any”. 

AC: The biggest message I could tell anyone out there struggling is that you do matter. There are people out there that actually care about you, that you haven’t even met. We’re meant to meet who we meet, it’s for a reason. I have to believe that or else I’d go nuts 🥜.

AN: no, because it is legitimate to us and to who matters to us. To those who doesn’t think it’s legitimate, then they don’t matter to us. 

AC: My “struggle” was actually a lot different than Nikkis. My high school experience was different. My mom wanted the cheerleader, cutsey girl and I tried. Around the time I “came out” it seemed alright, with friends and school mates. My parents not so much, but that was to be expected. I feel kids now in 2017 have it a lot easier with their friends knowing their gay, at least i hope they do. 

AN: it’s a lot better than it use to be, especially after same sex marriage  became legal in all 50 states. It’s a lot easier than it use to be, but it still could use some work. 

Thank you again for everyone who asked us questions! If i forgot a question from you please put it down in the comments as I’ve lost all notes etc on this post! 


Social Media. 

Isn’t something I’m a big fan of. I have the normal snapchat account, but that’s it.

I’ve always been addicted to Pinterest for all sorts of things! 

I thought it was a good idea to start a Pinterest for Yourenotaloneinthisworld! I’ve been working on it for a while now! 

The boards include: 

  • A board for Schizophrenia
  • A board for Social Anxiety
  • A board for Depression
  • A board for Inspirational Quotes about Mental Health
  • A board about aliens and conspiracy theories
  • A board for Inspirational Quotes about Life. 
  • A board about music
  • A board all about makeup
  • A board all about hairstyles. 
  • A board about natural remedies. 
  • A board for funny things and animals.
  • A board for style and clothing. 
  • A board for monthly subscriptions
  • And much more to come! 

Please come over and follow me on Pinterest! I’m sure you’ll find at least something you can dig yourself into! 

You can find my Pinterest by looking up this info: 

Just trying to help end the stigma and open the mind to others with some of my post. 

*some post do include information and photos of medical/recreational marijuana*. 


Meet Talib. 

So I know I’ve been pretty down lately, there has been one good thing happen this year. We rescued a baby kitten and named him Talib. 

We were told he was a she, “she” was healthy as could be and also flee free. We got “her” home and started looking over him. We instantly knew he had worms just by looking at his belly. Then when looking him over for flees we noticed she had a peepee n balls, so she became he pretty quickly. 

I couldn’t get over the amount of fleas and tape worms this poor kitten had. We gave him worming meds and a capstar (for flees) same day. Next day, no more fleas and no more worms in stool. His belly is still pretty bloated, were thinking round worms as well, vet appointment scheduled for Thursday to get mister mister checked out. 

Joplin is so Fucking happy it’s insane. Ever since Jynx passed away, Joplin has been pretty lonely. The only shitty part, joplin is in heat, Talib stay away. 

Talib also has an appointment for getting fixed once he’s 5 months old. He’s currently 3 months. 

Here’s some pictures of him before and after getting cleaned up:) 

​oh and btw, if you’re a fan of Caribou Lou, or 151 Bacardi, jump on that shit and I mean jump on that shit quick, 151 has been discontinued. AFTER pouring our bottle into a jug, we googled our bottle and they’re being auctioned off starting at $50 for the little bottle, so damn jump on this shit and keep that bottle sealed! Last Caribou Lou to be made in this area at least. Got the last bottle that could be found. 2 cups=out. 


Take It On! Stop. The. Stigma. 

Yes!!! Please share and keep this moving. Together we can #endthestigma

Take it on

 I started this movement to stop a stigma that is hurting our generation. We are told that mental health isn’t something we should keep on our list of priorities. We are told depression is just a phase and anxiety isn’t even real. These along side many other illness are silent killers. Join the fight and end this stigma. Take it on

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I haven’t felt like this in a while. I haven’t felt this shitty in years. My head is all time confused. My brain is over stressed n tired. My eyes n face hurt from the crying. My scalp hurts from pulling on my hair. I feel depressed as fuck. I am at an all time low right now. 

They told me this shit would get easier as I grew. They lied. This shit ain’t easy. Will it ever be easy? Probably not. 

I was so ready to go back to the hospital last night. I always end up calming myself down. Then it just starts all over again the next day. 

Something needs to change, now. I’m mentally tired as fuck. 

Other news, we rescued a new kitten. Poor thing was covered in fleas, mites and worms. We think we’re worm free, he had tape worms, gave him meds and no more worms in poop but his belly is still so swollen, any one with experience know if this is normal or not? Taking him to vet Thursday so I’ll know then. 

Just praying Joplin doesn’t get any sickness from the new kitten, we named him Talib after Aqib Talib on the Broncos. 

Happy Birthday Tabbi 🎉 hope you have a nice one! 

Probably won’t be on much until this head gets straightened out. Sorry for hardly posting, it’s just one thing after another. 2017 is looking pretty shitty. 


Catch up. 

I know I haven’t been on in a while, again I’m sorry. I have not one excuse besides work and life. We had a snow storm. Joplin watching it snowwe had to shovel and it took hours.Happy New YearHappy New Year from Nikki and Ione of our friends April brought her baby Rose over to visit:) Rose 🌹 playing with her dad Evenn lol.nikki holding Rosenew years eve night. 🙂 happy new year y’all. 

I have so many post in drafts it’s insane, I work until 8pm tonight but I need to get those drafts finished and published. 2017 is going to be a good year for yourenotaloneinthisworld, for me, and hopefully all my followers, I promise! Can only be your year if you make it your year:)