Meet Talib. 

So I know I’ve been pretty down lately, there has been one good thing happen this year. We rescued a baby kitten and named him Talib. 

We were told he was a she, “she” was healthy as could be and also flee free. We got “her” home and started looking over him. We instantly knew he had worms just by looking at his belly. Then when looking him over for flees we noticed she had a peepee n balls, so she became he pretty quickly. 

I couldn’t get over the amount of fleas and tape worms this poor kitten had. We gave him worming meds and a capstar (for flees) same day. Next day, no more fleas and no more worms in stool. His belly is still pretty bloated, were thinking round worms as well, vet appointment scheduled for Thursday to get mister mister checked out. 

Joplin is so Fucking happy it’s insane. Ever since Jynx passed away, Joplin has been pretty lonely. The only shitty part, joplin is in heat, Talib stay away. 

Talib also has an appointment for getting fixed once he’s 5 months old. He’s currently 3 months. 

Here’s some pictures of him before and after getting cleaned up:) 

​oh and btw, if you’re a fan of Caribou Lou, or 151 Bacardi, jump on that shit and I mean jump on that shit quick, 151 has been discontinued. AFTER pouring our bottle into a jug, we googled our bottle and they’re being auctioned off starting at $50 for the little bottle, so damn jump on this shit and keep that bottle sealed! Last Caribou Lou to be made in this area at least. Got the last bottle that could be found. 2 cups=out. 



  1. Nina · January 19, 2017

    Cute kittens…i wish all the best on Talib’s vet appointment ☺ Also, I hope you’ll feel more ups than downs sooner than later. 😊

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  2. 50shad3s0fjay · January 16, 2017

    How cute is Talib!!? I hope he brings you lots of joy and happiness X

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  3. blinkingcat · January 15, 2017

    He is one cute little guy and super lucky you brought him home!

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  4. Tabbi · January 15, 2017

    He’s a cutie! I realized something today. I have lost all of my subscriptions. I just wandered by to see if you had posted something and found that you had. I’m annoyed with all computer/internet stuff today.

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