Take It On! Stop. The. Stigma. 

Yes!!! Please share and keep this moving. Together we can #endthestigma

Take it on

 I started this movement to stop a stigma that is hurting our generation. We are told that mental health isn’t something we should keep on our list of priorities. We are told depression is just a phase and anxiety isn’t even real. These along side many other illness are silent killers. Join the fight and end this stigma. Take it on

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  1. rugby843 · January 15, 2017

    Go for it!


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  2. Becca · January 15, 2017


    There’s no excuse for ignorance anymore when people have a wealth of information via the internet at their disposal. Mental illness should not be invisible anymore or stigmatized. I wish people were aware of how damaging and dangerous their ignorance was.

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