I got the promotion! 

I’ve been working for a company for almost over a year now and I’m finally where I want to be. I am now a full time employee with them, working 40 hours a week and at $15 an hour. 

They’ve hired me through their actual company and I couldn’t be more happier. 

I got my car, Nikki’s car is almost fixed

Things be looking up

Flashback Post “My Hometown Tour”.


So when I say I’m from my hometown, I’m really from a little community that has surrounding towns seconds away, so these are pictures taken while driving from downtown (where I grew up) all the way up to where Nikki and I live now ( a different town but only 10 minute drive). So leaving […]

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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2. 

20 Facts About Me: I can’t stress how much I hate these facts about me ones! I literally can’t even think of 4 …

  1. I’m in love with Virtual Reality. 
  2. I like animals more than humans. 
  3. I have “resting bitch face syndrome”. 
  4. I’m not that big of a fan of icecream. I mean, I’ll eat it here and there but I’m not like omfg icecream! 
  5. I like Yoo-hoo better now then I did when I was a kid. 
  6. I wanna jump on the back of a train n get outta here 99% of the time.
  7. I’m currently sitting at Nikki’s moms house and it’s empty, just sitting n waitin on Nikki to be back. 
  8. I slept until 2:30 today, not good. 
  9. Lmfao I fell asleep eating a muffin last night and woke up mid chew, but was eating the cupcake wrapper😂 
  10. Sadly I can’t seem to quit smoking cigs no matter what I do. I truly believe you have to want it more than I want to quit in order to quit. 
  11. Since I didn’t wake up until 2, meaning no makeup nor hair was done today, so I threw on my big shades and they’re not coming off😂
  12. I was never a Denver Broncos fan until I met Nikki. So I’ve been a Bronco fan for almost 5 years now. 
  13. I’m the oddball in my family. Big time. 
  14. I have a very hippie soul, old souls you could say as well. 
  15. I can’t stand when people put other people down, I have no respect nor care for people who do not have respect for others. 
  16. I think it’d be super cool to meet some of my followers in real life. Especially the ones I talk to on a daily basis. 
  17. Currently listening to “Butterfly” by Crazy Town. 
  18. I finally have a car in my own name, insurance in my own name! Finally, I have something in my name. 
  19. I moved outta my house about 3 months after turning 18, with Nikki. 
  20. Yay! I love Japanese and Chinese food. Well the American version of it, since I’ve never been to Japan nor China. I could eat it everyday and be content. 

Haha well that’s 20 more useless facts about myself. Let me hear some more facts about you…n go! 


Starting to look up. 

For a while things weren’t going to well financially and mentally for me. 

As you all knew, I totaled my car over the past summer and have been careless since. Nikki’s truck has been in the shop since my little oopsie as well. So we have gone almost 4 months without a vehicle. Where we live, it’s impossible, we’re so far from the simplest gas station. I also had been getting shorter hours and less pay then what I was wanting. 

With that being said my boss informed me I’ll be getting a raise and more pay. We got a call last night that Nikki’s truck was done and running! We got the call as we were driving to meet this lady to look at her car. Guess what? I’m finally a owner of my second car:) I can’t fucking wait until we can go to MVA and get tags. 

We got the title yesterday and paid the lady, she gave me the keys:) I feel like I’m 16 again getting a car. I’ll treat this one so much better than I did my first! There she is! My favorite part, it can be started from inside the house, how fucking awesome is that?! It’s a 2008 which is the same year my previous car was. 

I can’t wait until it’s in my driveway, under my name, and mine!!! 

Things are starting to look up for us. Hopefully they stay this way, we’ve had enough stress for this month. 

How the hell are you doing this morning?! 


52- Week Blog Challenge! 

So I’ve decided to jump in and join everyone else in this amazing 52- Week Blog Challenge. I’ve seen this on many blogs but my most recent blogs I’ve seen this on were: xoJennyBritts, and 50shade3s0fjay

Let’s start this thing, shall we?

Week One: “Meet My Best Friend”. 


Well many of you already know, I don’t really have many “friends”. I have one true best friend and that’s my fiance Nichole. Other than her, I have acquaintances, you know people that if you see you talk to, pop up on your FB messenger here and there, or come over about once a month. lol. People in our area don’t really have a lot in common with Nikki and me, and the town we grew up in is just covered with not people you’d wanna call your best friends. 


So, meet me my best friend, Nichole. Nichole and I have been dating for almost 5 years now and started dating a week after meeting each other for the first time. I was 18 she was 24 and we met at our first local gay pride. Literally maybe 20 people showed up, and maybe 5 of them were in their 20’s, LMFAO. I got lucky, I got so lucky to see this girl standing there with her friends, seeing her glance at me every time I looked back. I got home later that night to see I had a message on FB from “Nick” and I immediately recognized her, it was that girl from the rally! 


We knew nothing about each other but started constantly messaging and texting each other, asking questions about our life and so on. She first asked me how old I was, I replied 18, she made sure I was ok with her being 24, I giggled, why wouldn’t I be? lol. She then asked where I lived at since we were from the same area. I told her where I lived and she replied, “are you serious?! I live on the same street…” It turned out we lived across from each other our whole lives, and then eventually lived houses away from each other. It had to of been fate, if I were to of met Nikki when I was younger, she woulda be older and looked at me as a child. I was friends with her freaking Brother and still never knew Nikki existed until the day of pride. We hung out the very first time the night after pride, she picked me up from my house, I can remember it so well. 


We hung out the very first time the night after pride, she picked me up from my house, I can remember it so well. I patiently waited outside nervous as hell when I saw this tiny little red sports car pull up in front of my house, it was her. I instantly smiled and jumped in “so where are we going?” I can remember her smiling at me, wearing her all black polo, jeans, and a black snapback:) We planned to go get “ice cream” but we never ended up going, we just drove around for a little bit, getting to know each other. I eventually lured her back to my mother’s house, to meet her. I was nervous, Nikki was nervous, my mom wasn’t okay yet with me being gay. 


My mom instantly noticed the tattoo on her neck and shook her head lol. We went down into the basement where my room was at the time and literally just talked for hours. Ever since that day, we haven’t stopped having everyday communication. I moved in with her a month after dating, and haven’t spent one night alone since. Of course, she’s the most amazing fiance I could have ever asked for, but she’s one hell of a best friend to have. Anyone would be blessed to have her a friend, she’s loyal as fuck, funny as hell, and we have literally everything in common…well besides most music. Our sense of humor is pretty dark and twisted, so that’s a plus…most people would probably think we’re crazy, we’re just soul mates…that’s how I look at it lol. 


We spend every day together. She doesn’t have her friends and I have mine. We make friends together, as a couple. We don’t need to “get away” or take a break from one another because we’ve literally gone 6 months before without being able to leave the house and had no jobs, spending every minute together. Those 6 months made us really appreciate each other’s true inner self. Our souls are connected, I really believe so. I would bet any money we have already met in a past life, and we will meet again in the next life, no matter where it’s at or what/who we are. 


It’s now 2017 and we’ve known each other for almost 5 years. We’ve lived together for almost 5 years and I couldn’t want anything else. My mom and family love Nikki has she was already a part of it. I’m super close with Nikki’s family, they’re my family, my family is her family. We’ve made a fuck ton of amazing memories together, and I can’t wait to see what else shit we’re gonna get into. Our grandkids are gonna have some hell of night time stories:) 

So, I got lucky. I’m marrying my best friend in 2017, and I couldn’t be happier. 




Who’s your best friend, how long have you guys been best friends? Let me know in the comments below! 

Also, if you’re participating in this challenge, please leave a link to your page in the comments so I can be sure to check out your weeks’ challenges as well! 

Writing Challenge Day 16! 

What are your views on main stream music?” 

Eh honestly, it all depends on the lyrics, beat, and sometimes who’s singing it. Like some people can really pull of mainstream, some have been mainstream before it became mainstream, and others just can’t do it and to stick with one genre of music. 

I appreciate singers who can do multiple genres. Just like I don’t like Eminem, I can’t sit around and listen to him but I respect him as a rapper 100%. Same goes for Lil Wayne, not the biggest fan but his one album with “prom queen”, was pretty legit and rockish. Makes me have more respect somehow. 

5/10 mainstream songs I would probably know or at least heard about. 

So, what are you views on mainstream music? what’s your favorite genre of music to listen to? Lmk in comments below.


Writing Challenge Day 15. 

Write 15 interesting facts about yourself”. 

Lmfao, I hate these ones! I really don’t have any “interesting” facts, so imma just do 15 facts about myself lol. 

  1. I believe in Aliens….a lot. 
  2. I’m in my head 50% of the day. 
  3. I’ll be 23 this year. 
  4. Whisky is the only liquor I can drink and actually continue to party, not end up passed out somewhere. 
  5. I like lyrics more than I like music, if that makes sense to anyone lol. 
  6. It’s currently 3AM and I’m exhausted and runnin out of shit to think of. 
  7. I have my nose pierced but never really wear it cause it tickles and makes me sneeze alot😂
  8. I’ve been with Nikki for almost 5 years now:)
  9. I wanna backpack the US so freaking bad it’s insane. 
  10. I think about being abducted or being from another planet, a shit ton. Like not a normal amount, lmfao.
  11. I was raised Roman Catholic and now have no religion. 
  12. I’m currently watching “Americas Most Wanted Criminals 2016” on YouTube. 
  13. I have became a PS4 gamer and gave up on my Xbox:( I’m hating myself for admitting this! 
  14. I could eat seafood for the rest of my life and be good👍🏼. 
  15. I’m really weird once you get to truly know me. Not like weird weird but like wtf lmfao weird. 

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself in the comments below!