Yesterday && Today

Yesterday was a pretty great day. I started out pretty ehh because my check didn’t come in like it was supposed to. It got a lot better when Nikki’s mom called and told us to clean out our fridge, she had a surprise for us. 

We cleaned out everything in our fridge that has been tucked in the back untouched for who knows how long. Cleaned out the freezer and scrubbed everything down then headed to Debbie’s (Nikki’s mom). 

When we get to Debbie’s, she said she was going to the market and for us to clean out her fridge/freezer as well and she’d take us to the market when she got back. We went ahead and got all that done by the time she got back we where bored and ready to go. 

She ended up taking us all the way to our market in Frostburg called Weis and I shit you not, we had 3 buggies full of food. 

​She spent $350 on us, for no reason. She really surprised us and it was awesome! We couldn’t thank her enough. We’re stocked for days now. 
After Debby and Dave (Nikki’s brother) left, Nikki and I curled up and watched “Bates Motel” until we ended up falling asleep on the sofa together. We woke up around 7am and stumbled back into the bedroom where we continued to sleep until 12pm😂. 

Today it’s rainy and icky, it’s going to be our lazy day. It only sucks because Nikk and I both have money in our wallets but no car to get us anywhere. This whole no car thing is getting old af. 

Talib being cute as shit today lazy day with us and our fur babies. Hazel is in her bed passed out with her tongue hanging out, Joplin is curled up in her spot under the guest bed and Talib is somewhere else now, probably with Joplin. 
Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes for tonight, nothing interesting.

Going to catch up on my feed here in a bit, smoked a few gravs and then start on dinner. 

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