Out of the house

Today, I decided to go out and about, it was nice. The worst place was Walmart, oh dear lort, it wasn’t packed at all but it felt so crowded I was doing my panic shopping. You know, where you’re half shaking but acting like everything’s cool but whispering “hurry up let’s check out” to your girlfriend the whole time:/ 

Some news, we’re getting tattoos tomorrow?were getting these but in different placements. 

I need help picking my placement! So either: 

  • On my outter ankle tiny. 
  • On my outter wrist but deff not this alien, the one from the first pic. 
  • Or lastly, on my finger. Besides the moon and stars, just alien. 

So please let me know which one, it’s getting done tomorrow! Ankle, Wrist, or Finger. 

I hope I wake up to some suggestions! I need to get some sleep. I drank a wee bit too much tonight mixed with Shepard pie, and it’s not settling too well in my belly lol. 😂😂😂😂Flash Back Photo




  1. UTIP · February 9, 2017

    Ankle …inside.unless you want it!

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