Haven’t slept yet

and it’s 8:55AM. Now why would one stay up so late? This…this damn game is going to be too much! We’ve been up all night after setting it up at like 2AM, playing this damn virtual reality haunted game. 

I ain’t gonna lie, this shit is legit af. The stuff is literally in front of you. The people are standing next to you, your whole living room turns into a different space. It’s unbelievably realistic, I recommend everyone to try this shit. Unless you get motion sickness, apparently people been getting sick when playing but hasn’t happened to us yet. 

So, today was eventful as hell…

First we went to Debbie’s and loaded into her car and headed to WV to grab our virtual reality, charging dock, and shit. 

Then we decided “let’s go get something to eat”. A new IHOP opened up in a nearby town so we decided to go there.  I got strawberry 🍓n banana 🍌 pancakes 🥞 with eggs 🍳 bacon 🥓 and hash browns:) 

Now this is what I’m currently watching:  ​


Lol we’ll probably spend the rest of the damn day doing this shit. I’ve already taken my morning meds and skipped the night time ones last night. 

My tattoo is healed up pretty nice ​hope everyone’s having a good day!