When you can’t sleep. 

There’s usually the same thing on television ever weeknight around this time (3:30-4:30AM). Like right now every channel I watch is dead af with info commercials besides MTV, and if you watch MTV you know what I’m watching…Wild ‘n Out. This show has me geekin every time I watch it, especially an episode like this with Kat Williams😂. 

Anything that Kat Williams is in, I’m down to try watching because he’s fucking hysterical. Po lil tink tink. 

Wild ‘n Out I feel has been on since I can remember and now it’s got all new episodes starting next Thursday! 

I’m laying in complete darkness besides the TV and nothing is making me tired! Nikki is passed out beside me, I swear these meds are fuckin up my shit. 
On the bright side I went outside today since it was 60 degrees here! Woo finally spring is coming…even though it’s calling for Snow next week:/ 

I found a few flowers or weeds peeking up out of the grass. lol I’m not a flower person so I couldn’t tell ya if it’s a weed or not, looked like a pretty flower 🌺 to me! 
There’s these creepy ass signs hanging up all over our town. I guess people keep taking them down but then boom their right back up but in different spots. They’ve said “I’m still here:)” “I’m here, yep!” And the above one is the first time we’ve seen this one today says “I will always be here. I love you always will”. 

It’s creeepy. It’s very creepy. Our town is nothing but woods and few open fields for farms. I mean, all the signs are like down in the wooded areas posted up on trees, like who the fuck gonna see half of these? This is the first one to be near the main road. 

😂😂red team crushing it and killing me. 
Well, it’s 4:31. I need to publish my other post and call it a night, hopefully. 

What’s your favorite night night show?! 




  1. Elm · February 24, 2017

    I hope you slept!!! Even from your words I can tell you SHOULD be sleeping. Omggg SPRINGGG!!

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  2. annebella & kate · February 24, 2017

    I’ve never seen that show. I work nights so I pretty much watch Netflix all night in between calls ~ I’ve watched everything and have run out of interesting things to watch 😦

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