Writing Challenge Day 15. 

Write 15 interesting facts about yourself”. 

Lmfao, I hate these ones! I really don’t have any “interesting” facts, so imma just do 15 facts about myself lol. 

  1. I believe in Aliens….a lot. 
  2. I’m in my head 50% of the day. 
  3. I’ll be 23 this year. 
  4. Whisky is the only liquor I can drink and actually continue to party, not end up passed out somewhere. 
  5. I like lyrics more than I like music, if that makes sense to anyone lol. 
  6. It’s currently 3AM and I’m exhausted and runnin out of shit to think of. 
  7. I have my nose pierced but never really wear it cause it tickles and makes me sneeze alot😂
  8. I’ve been with Nikki for almost 5 years now:)
  9. I wanna backpack the US so freaking bad it’s insane. 
  10. I think about being abducted or being from another planet, a shit ton. Like not a normal amount, lmfao.
  11. I was raised Roman Catholic and now have no religion. 
  12. I’m currently watching “Americas Most Wanted Criminals 2016” on YouTube. 
  13. I have became a PS4 gamer and gave up on my Xbox:( I’m hating myself for admitting this! 
  14. I could eat seafood for the rest of my life and be good👍🏼. 
  15. I’m really weird once you get to truly know me. Not like weird weird but like wtf lmfao weird. 

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself in the comments below! 




  1. Liz C. · February 26, 2017

    I actually appreciate lyrics over music too. Although, a good melody would be nice.

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  2. yourenotaloneinthisworld · February 24, 2017

    Hahaha do you play PS4?


  3. alucardeverlasting · February 24, 2017

    YES! Victory for the ps4!!! This day shall be remembered in history.

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