Starting to look up. 

For a while things weren’t going to well financially and mentally for me. 

As you all knew, I totaled my car over the past summer and have been careless since. Nikki’s truck has been in the shop since my little oopsie as well. So we have gone almost 4 months without a vehicle. Where we live, it’s impossible, we’re so far from the simplest gas station. I also had been getting shorter hours and less pay then what I was wanting. 

With that being said my boss informed me I’ll be getting a raise and more pay. We got a call last night that Nikki’s truck was done and running! We got the call as we were driving to meet this lady to look at her car. Guess what? I’m finally a owner of my second car:) I can’t fucking wait until we can go to MVA and get tags. 

We got the title yesterday and paid the lady, she gave me the keys:) I feel like I’m 16 again getting a car. I’ll treat this one so much better than I did my first! There she is! My favorite part, it can be started from inside the house, how fucking awesome is that?! It’s a 2008 which is the same year my previous car was. 

I can’t wait until it’s in my driveway, under my name, and mine!!! 

Things are starting to look up for us. Hopefully they stay this way, we’ve had enough stress for this month. 

How the hell are you doing this morning?! 




  1. cyranny · February 25, 2017

    Hi there,

    I just found your blog through Etta’s Meet and Greet party!

    I hope things will keep up the right way! Congrats for the new car! I hope you get to enjoy it soon 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · February 25, 2017

      Yay! Thank you! I hope things keep going this way as well lol. Thank you so much! I’ll definitely check out your page.

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