Writing Challenge Day 16! 

What are your views on main stream music?” 

Eh honestly, it all depends on the lyrics, beat, and sometimes who’s singing it. Like some people can really pull of mainstream, some have been mainstream before it became mainstream, and others just can’t do it and to stick with one genre of music. 

I appreciate singers who can do multiple genres. Just like I don’t like Eminem, I can’t sit around and listen to him but I respect him as a rapper 100%. Same goes for Lil Wayne, not the biggest fan but his one album with “prom queen”, was pretty legit and rockish. Makes me have more respect somehow. 

5/10 mainstream songs I would probably know or at least heard about. 

So, what are you views on mainstream music? what’s your favorite genre of music to listen to? Lmk in comments below.




  1. schizophrenia548 · February 25

    If it sounds good don’t care if mainstream or not happily listen away to anything.

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