31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 30.

Now that I’m all caught up on the 31 Day Blog Challenge, let’s do day 30, shall we?

Day 30: Favorite Comfort Food. 

Greasy food is definitely number one on that list. Pizza is probably my “go to” greasy item but I’d pick hot wings over that anytime. Chocolate has to be second, I have a huge sweet tooth when it comes to chocolate and gummies. My all time favorite chocolate bar is a peanut butter meltaway, I’ve only had the local chocolate shop that makes them and omg they’re to die for. I also really like the new Hershey Cookie Bar, it’s a new thing going around and it’s pretty damn good. That’s usually about it when it comes to my comfort foods. Coffee and Hot Tea are definitely my comfort drinks, though, especially after a hard day I like to sit down with my hot tea and watch Netflix, it calms me down. The best part about the hot tea is there are so many different kinds, my favorite before bed is “sleepy time tea” it has herbs that make you more calm and tired in it. There are some awesome teas out there you can find with herbs to help with mostly any damn thing. 

SO, what’s your favorite comfort food/drink? Let me know in the comment section below, I’ll have to try some of them next time I get the comfort munchies!

31 Day Blog Challenge- 28&29 Catch up.

Here I am, behind two days again from being off work! Why is it that I only blog on the days I work? Because the days off I honestly want to spend with my fiance and not in front of a computer screen like I do every other day.

So, here we go with the two days I’ve missed. The 28th and the 29th.

Day 28 Challenge: Last Time I Cried. 

Ah, honestly I do a lot of crying. I cry when I’m sad, angry, pissed off, upset, all the above and it’s ridiculous! The last time I cried was Tuesday evening while working, I work at home so no big embarrassed cry or anything like that. I just couldn’t figure out how to do something that my boss asked me to do and it caused me to freak the fuck out. I mean full on tears, panic searching through my notes, freaking out, smoking a cig, crying some more, until I finally found the answer to my problem.

It was something little like my boss asking me to do something. The way I looked at it, my boss trusted in me to get something done, and I was too stupid to realized wtf he wanted me to do. Once I calmed myself down and actually took a minute to look at my shit, I found the answer within minutes.

So, when was the last time you cried?

Day 29 Challenge: Top Things On My Bucket List. 

  1. Travel the United States and then move onto another country to travel.
  2. Buy a motor home or a tiny house on wheels to live out of while traveling.
  3. Get married to my beautiful fiance this year.
  4. Jump out of an airplane into the Great Barrier Reef, the view has to be amazing.
  5. Climb to the top of one of the biggest mountains.
  6. Go to Africa and see the wild animals in nature, doing their own thing, not in a damn zoo.
  7. Visit Tia and her family at Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans.
  8. Go to Area 51 and eat at the little alien.
  9. See a Denver Broncos game in Denver CO.
  10. See Tech N9ne in concert.
  11. See The Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert.
  12. Be a good mom.

So what’s something on your bucket list? Do we have anything in common? Is there anything on here that you wouldn’t dare to do? lol let me know in the comments below!


52- Week Blog Challenge.


Hey, everyone, I’m loving this weekly blog writing challenge, it’s keeping me busy! I’m a few days behind on this week’s blogging challenge, but I’m still doing it, right?!

Week 3: Meet My Family.

img_6871First is my Fiance, Nichole (Nikki). We’ve been together for almost 5 years now and over those 5 years, we’ve made a nice little family of our own together.

img_6764Meet our Oldest Daughter, Hazel Bee:) She’s a 5-year-old pit bull that we rescued when she was only a year and 3 months old. She has a rough past but she’s the sweetest animal I’ve ever met. Don’t get me wrong, she has some mental “disabilities” from the trauma that she has encountered in life. I truly believe she has separation anxiety and PTSD. I love this dog a lot, I’ve seriously never bonded with a dog like I have with Hazel.

50481966958__d22d8702-7e44-42e3-9cfa-526fa398ad7dNext is our middle child, Joplin Serpo:) She’s my big baby only 10 months old and loving life. Her sister passed away when they were only 5 months old from leukemia and Joplin has been missing her since then. She’s a really chill cat but very antisocial. She reminds me of myself honestly, she’ll run and hide when new people come over, she backs down from Hazel and Talib all the time but she has a heart of gold (her siblings).

img_6966Meet our youngest and our only boy in the house, Talib! Named after a Denver Broncos player, he’s only 6 months old and the most playful cat I’ve ever seen. He wakes Nikki and I up every morning by attacking our feet for food. He’s super energetic, but not when ew first got him. He had a lot of issues when we first got him, including having balls since we asked for a little girl. Once we got him to the vet and taken care of, he’s freaking amazing now. Just look at him!

img_4132This is My mom in the center, my youngest nephew Sawyer is sitting on her lap, my youngest niece Grace is standing to the right in front of me, my oldest nephew Carson leaning down to the left on the table, my oldest neice Marisa standing to the left of me in the green shirt, and my sister Jenny in the way back with the grey shirt. These are all my sister’s kids, my brothers aren’t in these photos.

img_3131Me and Dave. My soon to be brother in law:)

img_3137Me Nikki and my soon to be in-law family:) We got my brother in law Dave in the back, my cousin in law Veronica in the back with the purple shirt, my cousin in law Jess on the right-hand side with the pink shirt, and my cousin in law Levi on the very right-hand side throwing up the rock sign.

img_1480-1Me, Nikki, my niece Grace, and my pappy:)

img_4131My beautiful Momma on her 60th birthday:)

img_3550Me and My dad doing Faceswap on Snapchat.

My niece Kayla and Me on the left. My nephew Tyler in the middle and my nephew Conner on the end. These are my brother’s kids.

img_0022My Grandma and I. This was taken at the Nursing Home the Halloween before she passed away. My grandma was a great woman and she’s deeply missed. img_1901Probably the only photo I’ll be able to find of all three of us together. This is me, my mom, and my dad at a family picnic back in 2002-2003.

Well, there’s my family. I of course have a lot more family members not included in this but sadly no photos of them or me with them on my computer or cell phone.

31 Day Blog Challenge; Day 27.

Day 27: What Makes me feel better, always. 

  1. My fiance. Just venting to her, listening to her bitch with me instead of against me. It’s great.
  2. My dog, she’ll hug me and lick my tears away when my voices are bad.
  3. Salty Chocolate, it never fails to make me smile at least a little bit.
  4. Music in general. The music I tend to listen to is the music that normal people think is “off-putting”. Music I can relate to isn’t your average joe maw n paw type of music.
  5. Meditating.
  6. Marijuana.
  7. Funny Movies with stupid comedy. Like Super Bad, Pineapple Express shit like that.

So, what can seem to always make you feel better? Whether you’re angry, sad, depressed, pissed off, or disappointed, what’s your secret to feeling better? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll have to give them a try!

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26 “My Top 5 Favorite Bloggers”.

Day 26, was supposed to be done yesterday, this is a catch-up post.

Day 26: 5 Favorite Blogs.

Of course, I have wayyy more than 5 blogs that I tend to go over and check out to see what they’ve been up to. Yes, believe or not I do keep tabs on some of my followers that I feel I can relate to most in their posts.

Here are my top 5 favorite blogs to read up on:

Number One: Mental Truths. I’ve been following this blog since I can remember and keep a convo going with her as well in the comments. The main reason this blog makes number one is because of how much she writes when she posts, the way I can relate to some posts and the “no fucks given” attitude her blog can give off. I like following blogs that you can tell the user is 100% themselves, and this can be found at Mental Truths! I really recommend heading over to her blog and checking it out.

Number Two:  Aunt Tabbi. This is another since day one blogger that I’ve been following since I can remember. I’ve become friends with Tabbi over the years and it’s great knowing someone is there to chat when need be! I feel my fiance and I have gotten to know Tabbi and vice versa. Her blog can be very inspirational and other days it can be yummy and funny. With her cooking recipes, and random post you honestly never know what you’ll find over at Aunt Tabbi’s!

Number Three: Fox On An Island. This is a newer blog that I’ve recently stumbled across but I’m loving it! Not only does she have a very bookly and inspiring blog but she also has a killer Etsy page with some awesome stuff to purchase! Another blog I highly recommend taking the time to check out!

Number Four: Betcha Didn’t Know. This is another newer blog that I’ve recently started to follow but it’s definitely worth it! I love blogs that post a lot of stuff a day. This is definitely a blog that keeps you reading, which I like in the mornings with my coffee. This blog offers inspirational posts, challenges, random posts, and much more. I promise you’ll want to hit that follow button after checking out this blog.

Number Five: Okoto Enigma. This is a blog I’ve been following a while, but kind of newer as well. Like I said I have mad respect for people who you can tell are 100% devoted to their blog, and this is hands down one of the most devoted bloggers I’ve come across on WP. Poems, short stories, challenges, inspirational posts, raw and unedited posts, etc. You will find anything and everything discussed on this blog, and that’s one of the main reasons I check up on it daily. A highly recommended blog, go check it out!!

Don’t see your blog on this list? I promise it doesn’t mean I don’t keep tabs on your blog.  I have way more than just 5 blogs that I keep up with.

Do you have any bloggers on mind that I should check out!? Please let me know in the comments and leave a link to your blog if you’ve stopped by!

The Big Surprise!

Join the Chronic Illness Community and speak up!

I highly recommend taking a few minutes of your day to head over to It’s Yet Another Blogger’s page and check out what she is doing here. I promise it’s worth the read and worth the 3 minutes taken from your day!

Why WordPress, Why?

So, many of you guys have been posting some amazing, inspirational, and hysterical posts on my reader feed that I’ve been trying to comment on every day now for almost 3 days. I thought it was just for one specific blog so I jumped off hers and on to a next and boom same thing, no comments. I don’t understand what is going on but it is NOT allowing me to comment on anyone’s post, it doesn’t even get to the comment section, I click on comments and it just moves the page down a little, doesn’t even show the page comments. I’m even on the computer, not on the app as I’ve found the app needs a lot of work as of recently.

Are any of you having this problem? Lmfao I guess if you are, like this since you won’t be able to comment, duh!

31 Day Blog Challenge.

Good Morning Everyone:) I have a few days to make up and also to do today’s challenge. Let’s get this

I have a few days to makeup, it’s actually more than a few lol.

Day 21: Something I Miss:

Ah, I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I remember this but I know I miss it. Silence within my head, it’s been a long time waiting for this to happen, and it’d be greatly appreciated if my head would cooperate with my wishes. Lmfao, even though I know this will probably never happen. Going to start on new medication to try once again to shut the voices up, let’s give it a go why not. If you have voices then you’ll probably understand what I mean by silence. I know my voices aren’t ALWAYS there but when they’re not, it’s like a fuzzy tv screen that was left on inside my head. The fuzz is better than the voices, but it’s still annoying as fuck having people repeat everything they say because I was too focused on the fuzz.

Day 22: 10 Favorite Songs.

Right now, I’m enjoying a lot of different songs actually.

  1. Kamikaze by MO is right now my current obsession song.  I’m not a big fan of female singers but MO takes it out the park with every song she comes out with.
  2. Drama by Tech N9ne n Krizz Kaliko really enjoying this song since it popped up on my youtube notifications.
  3. Black Beatles vs Feel Your Love by Skrillex I use to loveee this kind of music and fell out of it pretty quickly after I stopped doing drugs n going to concerts lmfao. But this is a legit song that I’d personally like to see them do in concert, the music video is legit af as well.
  4. Fear by Tech N9ne n Mackenzie O’Guin I love when these two do videos together. This song is very legit and honest, like Tech is best at doing. If you’ve lost someone close, this could be a relatable song.
  5. Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppers seriously one of my favorite bands to ever exist. They’ve performed all around me this year and  I honestly am not happy that I didn’t go see them. I’ve been listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers for years now and this hands down is one of my favorite and mostly known songs they have. 
  6. Paralyzer by Finger Eleven this is an oldie but a goodie. I still can listen to this song and sing it every time without feeling like “oh god, nexxxxtttt“. You’d think I’d be tired of this song by now but it’s on my top played list on itunes lol. 
  7. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked by Cage The Elephant Cage The Elephant is another one of my favorite bands. I seriously haven’t heard a song by them that I didn’t like. This is definitely my favorite genre of music to listen to. 
  8. Tighten Up by The Black Keys love this song, always have, always will. The beat, the vibe, the mood, everything about it! 
  9. Black Honey by Thrice I heard this last summer and haven’t stopped listening to it since. I stay hooked on rock music and find myself always going back to listen to it. 
  10. Crushed by Parkway Drive I was lucky enough to see this band perform two years in a row, and they literally crushed it. Hands down a good ass band to see live, crowd was hype af

So have you heard any of these ten songs? If so, let me know what you think! Shit, even if you hate one, let me know!

Day 23: Pet Peeves. 

  • Slow ass drivers that don’t know how to go the speed limit, probably my biggest case of road rage is caused by this.
  • Being lectured, by anyone. I don’t care who it is, I don’t handle it well.
  • Ignorant ass people that literally just don’t give a fuck about life at all.
  • People who act as if they deserve more over other people, even though we’re all equally here on this planet. Just because you do this and she does that, what makes you the better person, in others eyes? You feel me?
  • When people scrape their food off of their plate and all you can hear is metal on plates, ahhhhhhhhhhh I could seriously kill someone over this shit.
  • Being disrespected by people I don’t even know.

What are your top pet peeves? I know everyone has at least one!

Day 24: A Difficult Time In My Life.

I’d say 2010-2011. I was going through a lot, didn’t think I was going to be able to get into any other high schools, was in and out of psych wards and homeschooling. It was awful and I wouldn’t want to repeat any of it ever again. I seriously lost myself in those short years, and I wouldn’t find myself until years later but it happened for a reason, right? lol.

SO, what was one of your difficult times in life, if you don’t mind sharing?

Day 25: Best Physical Features. 

hmm, it use to be my teeth but then I smoked for 7 going on 8 years and now they’re fucked. I’d say my eye-lashes their super long like I had to get surgery on them when I was born because they were so long they were sticking under my eyelids. Which actually still happens every now n then, I just go pull it out when I feel it. It like flips and turns back under into my eyelid, it’s painful.

Well that catches me up besides today’s challenge:)

Hope everyone has a good Sunday!

Song Challenge Day 5.

So today is last day of the song quote challenge.

The Rules: 

  • Post a different song quote for 5 consecutive days.
  • Post what the song quote means to you (optional).
  • Post the song from which the quote is from.
  • Nominate 2 new bloggers every day of the challenge.

    Day 5 Song Quote: 

“Being rich is only realizing it’s all a facade
You’re richer than you think in that old small town
Cause people like you make the world go ‘round

The Song:

“Write Your Name” by Yelawolf.

Click the blue link to listen to the song via Vimeo.

What The Quote Means To Me: 

I have realized that money is a facade. I have realized that I am not a normal person, I am not drawn to items and materialistic things that include money. I’d pick almost anything over money, and I don’t believe it can buy happiness. Don’t get me wrong, it seems the rich is a lot happier than the poor but I believe their lives are lived incorrectly. Once you can realize that money isn’t shit, you’ll also start to realize that you’re “richer” than you thought. Rich with respect and care for human life, rich with love from people that appreciate your difference. People like this, make the world go round, I highly believe that. If everyone were to stop living the way the government wants us to live, I think we’d all be a lot happier and richer, in our own way. 


  1. Stephanie at Making Time For Me
  2. Annebella & Kate

So, what are you thoughts on the quote I’ve picked for today? Have you heard this song before? If so, do you like Yelawolf or not? Let me know in the comments below and leave your 2 cents!


“Bullying” Repost.

As a victim of bullying my entire childhood and teen years, this really needs to be shared. I want bullying to come to an end. I know how hard to is to be that kid that everyone picks on. To be that kid that goes crying home every day and dreading the next morning every weekday. I use to make myself sick so I wouldn’t have to go to school and face my bullies. They probably have no idea how hard they made my life. I already had social anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia, my head wasn’t a fun place to be, and neither was school. School is like your second home when you’re a kid/teen, this is a place you should feel safe and welcome. Could you imagine the kids that are bullied all day in school and then bullied all day when at home? When does this child ever get to have peace and feel welcome? Bullying to me just doesn’t make sense.

“Bullying can occur anywhere: schools, workplaces, home. Anywhere there is someone different and an environment that perpetuates separation. Bullying is everywhere.

via Bullying — NancyLostinLife