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This post is absolutely amazing and I agree, it’s time for some spring cleaning and decluttering of our brain. Are you ready to let go of all that shit that you just seem to can’t “get over”? If so, take a few moments, follow the link and read this inspiring post. I’ll leave it at that:)

“Hi friends! Did you know that our brain can get cluttered like a closet? Yes it can. And that’s why you need to spring clean your brain too. This has helped me and I hope it will help you too.We tend to keep our outer bodies clean, but neglect our brains. All year we tend […]

via It’s that time of year again! Your Brain needs spring cleaning! — Betcha Didn’t Know!



  1. annebella & kate · March 6, 2017

    Sooooo true ~ It is time to clear the pipes 😉 ~Annebella

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  2. Betcha didn't know! · March 5, 2017


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