31 Day Blog Challenge Catch Up’s.

So my days off are currently Tuesday and Wednesdays, spending the days with Nikki since I’ve been working so much. I now am behind two days on the 31 Day Blog Challenge! So, today I’m going to go ahead and do those 2 days in this one post, and then today’s actual challenge in a separate posting.

Day 8- “An Old Photo Of Me”

This was kind of difficult since I can’t upload any more photos on WP until I upgrade my account:( So I went through my library of photos already on WP and found the oldest ones I could find.


My Dad and I when I was like 6 or 7. When we were actually close and spent time together lol. You can tell I was a happy kid and he seemed like a happy Father:/ This was probably around 2002-2003

img_5748Next, we got one of the first pictures Nikki and I really got together. This was in 2012. 

img_0050Lastly is the photo I have with my Grandma (RIP). I’m honestly not too sure what the occasion was but probably a holiday. I was in like 8th grade-9th grade here so either 2008-2009. 

Day 9- Piercings and Tattoos? 

Yes, I actually have 3 tattoos, one is a nautical star which was my first tattoo I got when I was 16, in a house with my best friend at the time, obviously without my mother’s permission. I got kicked out for a good 2-3 days and stayed with my dad. The second tattoo I got was 3 crows on my collar bone, shoulder area. This was done when I turned 18, again…in a house and without my mom’s permission (still living under her roof at the time). And lastly, is my Alien tattoo that I got on Valentines Day this year that matches the one Nikki got as well. This was my first tattoo in a shop, that was professionally done, and I’ll be honest, you can tell a huge difference in the tattoos. 

When it comes to piercings, I’ve had a lot and also have gotten tired of them and taken them out. I had my cheeks and belly button did when I turned 18 but the cheeks were a fucking bitch with the swelling (i already have chipmunk cheeks) long story short, the bar wasn’t long enough and the steel balls on the end of the piercing were getting lodged into my cheek. I had to get them removed with pliers by my mother and her friend. Lmfao I was pretty pissed, I paid $60 a cheek so $120 altogether, just to rip them out about 3 days later. I’ve had my belly button done 3 times, and each time it has been ripped out on accident. Once in HS 10th grade playing Volleyball, I went to slide across the floor and it ripped right out. Second, my nephew saw it dangling in the pool and ripped it out, and thirdly I was taking off a shirt fastly and it was stuck, not knowing I ripped it out and it fucking hurt. I will not get it done for the 4th time but I got a nice fuckin scar on my belly button. I use to have my snakebites done, got infected and I removed them about 2 weeks later, done by a friend.

The only piercings I have at this current moment are my 3 holes in my ear lobe, my tragus that my friend did our senior year is still there in my left ear and my nose. I’m looking to get the left side of my nose done since I have the right side done and also looking at a septum if not the left side. Any ideas on that one? lol.

Well, that’s all for the catching up to do. So, any tattoos or piercings that you have? Maybe ones that your parents don’t know about still to this day lol. That’d be hysterical. Let me know in the comments below what you’re rockin!



  1. annebella & kate · March 12, 2017

    Great older pics of you – fun to see! Keep up the great work on your writing challenge= I’m enjoying your writings 🙂

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · March 13, 2017

      Thank you! I got a lot of catch ups to do. This week was so long and eh! Today is my Friday, I will enjoy it! Lol

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  2. Betcha didn't know! · March 10, 2017

    I’m only rocking my ears😳. Thought about my belly a long time ago😊.

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  3. jellysolo · March 9, 2017

    do you mind if i use this blog challenge on my own blog? seems like fun!

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