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What am I doing? Secretly blowing up balloons and decorating the bedroom as Nikki sleeps. It’s her 29th birthday tomorrow (or should I say today) the 10th. 

I got her three presents, one she opened tonight before she went to bed. I caved in.

I have to work tomorrow until 7pm and then rush to the market to pick up her cake, it’s alien themed. Then rush back home before our friend gets there at 8:30pm. 

Y’all are lucky I can’t post anymore photos on here, or you’d be seeing a lot from her party. 

I’ll leave links to the presents I got her so you can see:) I need to go hang the streamers above the bed now. When she wakes up, streamers will be hanging from ceiling, balloons all over the bed, a few signs hanging around, and presents on the bed. 

Somehow I messed up my math when figuring everything out with my paycheck and somewhere I fucked up and spent too much. I made $190, $25 went to capital one bill, $70 went to extra curricular activities, $22 went to cigs, $20 went to gas, $17 went to cat liter and cat food at DG, and then $20 something went towards the liquor for her birthday party. I need $10 for Nikki’s cake plus tax so like $12 and I was supposed to buy pizza and stuff for everyone but I only have $21 left and I’ll need gas before I get paid again. 

Since I started working full time, I’ll have to wait an extra week till my paycheck arrives, which will have no taxes out of it. So I had to set up quarterly payments to the IRS for that, so I don’t get fucked at the end of the year like I did last year. 

Oh my god is 5AM, I may as well just stay awake. I know damn well I won’t be able to wake up by 9am to finish everything and start work by 11am. About to take another vyvanse and start finding more shit to do around the house. 

What time is it where you’re located right now? Lol 5AM EST March 10th. Crazy my baby is turning 29 today. 

Well, I’m really getting off of her now, I hope y’all have a nice night/morning/day!! I’ll be sure to post Saturday all about how her day went! 




  1. Tikeetha T · March 13, 2017

    Happy Birthday to Nikki!

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  2. annebella & kate · March 12, 2017

    You are so darn thoughtful! I hope she had a wonderful Birthday !!!!!

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  3. Betcha didn't know! · March 10, 2017

    How sweet! Happy birthday to her!🎈🎉🎂

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