31 Day Writing Challenge: Day 15. 

Day 15: Timeline of your day. 

Today’s my day off, so it’s going to be a pretty hectic all over the place type of day, lol. 

  • 6 AM- Wake up to start my car and start getting ready. (Since we had a snowstorm, my car has been needing to be warmed up to even see out the windows)
  • 630AM- Mom calls and tells me that she has rescheduled the appointment for my car inspection, meaning I went out and turned off my car and laid on the sofa for a bit and looked through my reader feed on here. 
  • 7 AM- I decided to go lay back in bed since the day was literally not going to start as planned. 
  • 11 AM- Nikki and I woke up, laid in bed for a while and chatted. 
  • 11:30 AM- We came out to the living room and I took my meds, the usual morning shit. 
  • 12 AM- We decided we wanted to go get gas and clean my car a bit before the inspection tomorrow. 
  • Around 3 PM- We headed into town, plowed our way through the driveway and made it down. 
  • Around 5 PM- We got home and realized there was no way we could make it up to our driveway and ended up parking down the bottom of the hill at our neighbor’s house. 
  • 6 PM- I decided was going to head outside and start shoveling our forever long driveway to get my car up here! 
  • 7 PM- We finished shoveling, got dressed and headed into town to pick up our friend from work and take him home. 
  • 9 PM- We finally are heading back home, where we have to park once again down at the bottom and walk our happy asses back up our driveway. 
  • Hung out until about 11 PM and then I started dishes and Nikki started making some Mam which and Mac n Cheese:) 
  • It’s now 1 AM- I just ate my food and now I’m about to lie down once catching up on here with my challenges. Lay down and watch some Netflix, who knows what I’ll watch since we’re done Z Nation already and caught up on all of our shows. Hmmm..any suggestions for Netflix? Movie or Show doesn’t matter. We’re into sci-fi shit, scary movies, conspiracy theory shows, etc. 

So, how’d your day go? If you have any Netflix suggestions or wanna let me know how your day has been, Let me know in the comments below!
Night everyone! 


  1. Tikeetha T · March 16, 2017

    Have you seen Travelers on Netflix? It’s a great watch.

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