31 Day Writing Challenge: Day 16. 

Day 16: “Your Dream Job”. 

My dream job use to be a special education teacher until my anxiety took hold of my life and I went into a different direction. 

My dream job now would have to be an artist. Being paid for something I enjoy doing, making new things, drawing new things, etc. I like to turn things into newer pieces of art, “one mans trash is another mans treasure” type shit. 

I’d like to do something that’d make a difference. Something I could look back on years from now and think I made a difference in someone’s life. Either a counselor, a life coach, a dog trainer, an animal advocate, something to make a difference to somebody or something. 

I like to stand up for what I believe in if only that could be a job. Maybe a writing career? I’d have to get better at keeping up with my writing and also learn how to do proper English LMFAO. 

So, what’s your dream job? Did you successfully find your dream job and achieve your goal of making this your job? Congrats if so! 

Let me know in the comments below:)