31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 18.

Ah, I’m pretty proud of myself, I’ve really been keeping up with these challenges lately, woo!

So today is day 18 for the “31 Day Blog Challenge” let’s take a look and see…

“What am I afraid of?”

Hmm, getting personal I see lol. I’m going, to be honest with ya, my anxiety causes most fear in my body over everything but I’m not going to include that because then I’ll be here all day typing about what the hell scares my anxiety, LMFAO. 

So right of the bat, Spiders. I know I know, how common of a fear Cyerra. I’m being 100% real with you, I don’t fuck with spiders, I don’t care how tiny or big they are, they’re all the same. See, my dad use to make fun of me when I was little because I would/will walk right up to a snake and grab it up and wanna take it home but if a crumb size spider is one me, I go full out bitch. That’s definitely gotta be the first thing on my list. 

Now, a lot of my fears are irrational to other people, just like I don’t understand how some people can be scared to swim in lakes and creeks, but there are people like that out there. My next fear is pretty irrational but I’m scared of strangers. I’m scared of the initial “first meet” or the awkward “hi how are you” as you walk down the street. I don’t fuck with people that I don’t truly know. I’m gonna be honest, I talk to half of you guys on here more than I do my imaginary friends. This is probably due to my anxiety because I’ve been like this as a child, the only time I didn’t care was when I was on drugs, people were very easy to meet not sober. 

Third, I’m scared of authority. I know, people that usually say this have reasons to be scared of authority or are just, in general, a bad egg. Well for me, I’m not too sure why I’m scared of people with authority. When I was in school, I was terrified of my teachers and principles. Now looking back I’m like wtf could they have honestly done to me, lol. Now that I’ve been outta school for 5 years and have lived on my own, I don’t have much “authority” to listen to. But cops, yeah cops, judges, government, yeah they scare me. I don’t like the fact that they can fuck up your life in 2.5 seconds if need be. I don’t like feeling someone or something has control over my life, and that’s how authority makes me feel. Weird, I know. 

Last fear I’m going to explain is pretty far up there on my fear factor. Being murdered is definitely one of my biggest fears. Like I said, irrational, you can’t really help if you get murdered or not. Anyway, this is still a huge fear of mine and has been since I’ve been old enough to know there are murders out there. I use to run from white vans when I was a kid as I screamed my head off. I’m always scared I’m going to wake up and be strapped down to a metal table with a wrong turn looking mother fucker standing on top of me. I really don’t know why this is such a fear of mine maybe because I trust hardly anyone and I’m paranoid 24/7. My brain is amused with my fears, I have literally sat and thought of a million different ways I could be murdered without another person even being involved. Ever hear about the chick that was putting dishes in her dishwasher? She had her knives and silver wear in the spot for silverware in the dishwasher, walking back and forth gathering dishes to put into the dishwasher and BAM she slips on water, face lands directly onto the silverware that was facing up in the dishwasher. See, shit like that, final destination type shit, fucks with me. 

Just a few other fears I can quickly mention without explaining the reason behind the fear are:

  • Insects with wings. (don’t trust them).
  • The Uknown. (everything our little brain couldn’t even fathom).
  • Black Holes
  • Being controlled by the government.
  • Ostriches (fuck them birds, they love to chase me)
  • Llamas. (I always get spat on)
  • Horses. (LMFAO I know but have you seen them teeth? yeah that’s what I thought)
  • Losing the love that I’ve found in life. 
  • Trypanophobia (fear of the feeling I get when looking at images of it)

So, now that you’ve had a good laugh at some of my fears, what do you fear the most? Do we have any in common? I know someone else has gotta be scared of some of the stuff I listed.



  1. kountrymama2012 · March 18, 2017

    Did u know an average person eats 7 spiders a year in their sleep?

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